Ask the Expert: Artisan Event on Balancing Wedding Trends and Unique Details

Monday, March 10 2014

Joey ArtisanEach couple has a unique and interesting love story to tell, and Artisan Event Floral Decor believes that those stories are important when planning a wedding. They plan by their motto, “the design is in the details”, and when working with brides to create that special day, those details really come to life. They believe that flowers are art and they use one-of-a-kind floral arrangements to tell a bride’s story. We asked Joey Artisan of Artisan Event three burning questions about what’s hot right now and how you can use trends to make that day unique and your own.

Tell us what you feel is the next creative concept.

The wedding industry is always evolving, so that keeps things fresh! I am driving a move away from total rustic and combining it with a contemporary chic twist and really fantastic architectural objects. For example, we are using really clean oversized chess pieces or finials combined with flowers just for fun (flowers are art!) or using mini sequin runners with stone containers; a great mix of elements that create interest and also create the feeling of the event being timeless.

How do you make a trend unique to each couple?
Every couple is as unique as their wedding. I love to sit with the couple, feel them out and take their ideas to make their wedding one of a kind. There are different ways to take things that we see pinned and make them personal. It is mostly about listening to what they love and pulling from that to create a look that is special to them.

What advice do you give brides who are determined to follow a trend? 
Always let’s make it your own! There are lots of great ideas out there, but what we do can make it special for them. I always stress the point “how do you think you will feel when you look back at your pictures in ten years… will they stand the test of time”. DIY is totally great… you just have to know when to stop. I usually plan out with a bride what she will do and what I will do. When planning a wedding time seems to go by at light speed and you may have grand ideas of what you would like to do for your day but then there is reality. I try to help them find that reality. I always say that on your day you do not want to be setting up. You want to be in that moment with your family and friends. That is what you are going to walk away with and remember for the rest of your life! Find a balance and it will be perfect.

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