Get Your Glow On: DIY Facial Masks

Friday, January 4 2013

Candy canes, holiday cookies, champagne and pecan pie don't do any favors to the waistline--or the skin. Slough off last year's excess with an in-home facial, courtesy of Ritual Wellness co-founders Marra St. Claire and Lori Kenyon (and get the rest of you in tip-top shape with their tips on fitness and juice cleansing) and get your skin ready for the walk down the aisle. These fabulous facials are made from all natural ingedients and are easily found in yoru home or local grocerer. The Mint and Chamomile facial is a calming option for stressful days leading up to the wedding, while the Pineapple and Coconut facial is perfect for reducing redness and puffiness or just to giver skin an extra boost. Cue the spa magazine and begin the relaxation.

Mint and Chamomile Facial

  • Warm up one t. organic honey, and mix in one raw egg
  • Cream one tsp dry chamomile flower and one t. chopped mint into the paste
  • Cover your face and neck with this soothing facial, and leave it on for 15 minutes until dry
  • Eliminate mask with damp cloth and reveal a more relaxed you

Pineapple and Coconut Milk Facial

  • Mix four slices fresh pineapple with two tbsp coconut milk in food processor
  • Spread uniformly all over your face and leave on for 10 minutes
  • Remove with damp cloth, watch redness and puffiness disappear, leaving glowing skin