Top Tier

Just as decadent on the inside as they are on the outside, these elegantly flavored confections bring cutting the cake to a delicious new level.
From: Spring/Summer 2012 edition


 (images 1) Superfine Bakery: Pink velvet with Gardenia Buttercream and Raspberries

Melted white chocolate is folded into the fluffy pink velvet cake, studded with bites of whole raspberries and frosted with gardenia buttercream icing. Channeling the aromatic flavor, a sugar gardenia in full bloom decorates the white chocolate fondant-enrobed creation adorned with hand-painted flowers outlined in 18K gold. $15 per slice, from Superfine Bakery in Studio City.


(image 3) Sweet & Saucy Shop: Coconut and Passion Fruit

This tropical confection features a moist vanilla cake with a passion fruit filling and coconut cream cheese frosting. When plated, each slice is finished with a drizzle of passion fruit purée. The hexagon-shaped cake is enveloped in vanilla fondant with ombre yellow, vanilla-flavored French macaroon shells and topped with a bright gloriosa lily sugar flower. $9 per slice, from the Sweet & Saucy Shop in Long Beach.


(image 4) Vanilla Bake Shop: Fleur de Sel

A dash of French sea salt is added to the gooey caramel filling, which is layered amid dense, dark chocolate cake baked with an oak-barrel aged Kentucky bourbon. With the caramel flavor as inspiration, the dark chocolate buttercream exterior is combed and dusted with gold metallic luster and accented with handmade sugar succulents. $8 per slice, from Vanilla Bake Shop in Century City and Santa Monica.