Sandwiched In

Cool Haus Ice Cream Sandwiches Make a Sweet Treat for Wedding Guests
From: Spring/Summer 2012 edition

If love is in the details, this unexpected twist to a traditional dessert buffet will show how much you care. Coolhaus, which opened its first storefront in Culver City last November, is rolling its ice cream truck into weddings around town (prices run $500–$700 per hour). With the company catering weddings as far away as Palm Springs, Santa Barbara and San Diego, these sinfully sweet ice cream sandwiches have replaced the cake entirely at some wedding receptions, and were given out as a late-night snack at a recent celebrity wedding while guests were waiting for their cars, says Coolhaus CEO Natasha Case.

Served in an edible wrapper customized with initials or a picture of the happy couple, ice cream and cookie flavors vary wildly, from classic picks, such as the standard chocolate chip cookie with Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream, to more adventurous choices, such as brown butter candied bacon ice cream or potato chip and butterscotch cookie. Coolhaus has even created custom flavors for its brides and grooms. “Conveniently, one groom’s name was Heath,” says Case, “so we made coffee Heath bar crunch ice cream.” What a perfect ending!