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What is your specialty?

Our specialty is what we like to call "the beautification of any event using event technology" Whether it's lighting, video, or sound systems, our qualified techs have been a part of the luxury wedding business for over 20 years.


What are the categories of the items you rent?

We rent sound systems, lighting, video equipment, including projectors, projection screens, and flat screen televisions. We also rent speciality items such as water screens and fog screens.


Will you have representatives available in case of problems?

Yes, regardless of the size of your event, we always designate an AV tech to stay on site to assure a successful event.


Do you deliver and setup?



Do you do ceiling draping?



Is there anything else you would like me to know?

Our work has been featured on E!tv, Platinum Weddings on WeTV, MTV's Super Sweet Sixteen, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine, Ceremony Magazine, and South Asian Bride Magazine.



“Our company has worked with Hemant and his team successfully for our events/entertainment, so naturally, who else would I call when it came time for my wedding. My then fiance and I were planning an outdoor wedding the first week of November in the city, because as you Angelenos know, California had been going through a severe drought. Hemant and his team came out, gave us an estimate within our budget, and even recommended vendors and logistical solutions to help us get more value. 5 days before our wedding, the weather report said the temperature was going to drop 30 degrees and rain. We had to revamp our entire layout. As you can imagine, we didn't have time to give instructions on every detail, but Hemant and his team were proactive in setting up our lighting WAAYYYY better than our original plans. I cannot imagine how we could have got through the day without their being proactive in troubleshooting, improvising, and taking care of business while we had to readjust our other plans. At the end of the day, they went above and beyond our expectations to readjust the lighting and sound plans, and transformed our venue (a warehouse) into a warm blanket of light. I'll be calling Hemant and his team, again.” – Ray L.


“My wife and I were married in February and we used Ambiance AV for the lighting of our event. I would say the #1 decoration to set the tone and mood for the entire night was our lighting. I didn't realize just how important a component it was and just how transformative it could be. Hemant stayed throughout the event and ensured that every moment was captured in the best possible light. The Ambiance AV team was very professional and courteous to the point where you won't realize they're there. Lighting ninjas! An added bonus are the wonderful pictures that were captured in which the lighting played no small part. Thanks, Hemant!” – Art C.


“Ambiance AV is incredible! Hemant was incredibly available and organized. He met us at our location to share his wisdom and advise us on lighting choices that were beautiful and elegant. He provided us with a variety of pricing options and was early to our setup time. He and his team were professional in every aspect of our wedding and the lighting was fabulous-- it was warm and intimate during the ceremony, and energetic during the celebration. The hues were tasteful and clean. I can't believe I just found them through google/yelp. I HIGHLY recommend Ambiance AV.” – Honestly M.


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