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What is your style of videography?

BYDESIGN’s approach to wedding cinematography is truly exceptional...By utilizing the same tools as major Hollywood productions, we have the unique ability to retell the story of our client’s most special day like no one else. Incredible care, and attention to detail is given to every project; and we take great enjoyment in challenging ourselves to always create the greatest display of cinematography and storytelling we possibly can. We also have a lot of fun.


What is your philosophy towards weddings?

Wedding filmmaking is actually a very challenging venture. Think about what you know about traditional film production; images are captured in a completely controlled environment where every action on screen is only initiated when the Director yells “action”. In wedding filmmaking, everything is the opposite; action is dictated by the first event of the coordinators timeline in the morning, and us cinematographers have one chance to capture every detail as it happens live, perfectly, all day long...Because of this dynamic, BYDESIGN has created a proprietary and innovative method of advanced pre-production organization that allows us to capture for more, and far better imagery than a traditional “run and gun” wedding film crew. Every single shot is predetermined, extensive research and planning go into every wedding before we ever arrive. In addition to preparation, our team is committed to provided the most professional and enjoyable customer experience throughout the entire process, from booking, through the delivery of the finished film.


What is your price range of services?

$2500 - $8000


What do your packages include?

Our services are organized into four main packages to accommodate nearly any budget. They include additional features with each higher grade, such as; additional videographers, higher resolution cameras, aerial cinematography, Same Day Edits (SDE), additional hours of coverage, etc. For detailed package information please visit our website,


Do you shoot with an assistant?

Depending on the package chosen you will have between 1 and 3 cinematographers filming the wedding.


How long are your films?

We offer both 3-5 minute “highlight” films and “full-length” films which can be between 20 and 40 minutes.


Can we choose the music?

Because of our commitment to ethics, BDF only utilizes music that has been licensed for your project. In order to do that we work with a number of service providers with indexes to a vast array of music genres and styles; our clients are free to select the music of their liking from these sources. Or if they have a specific song already in mind, they are free to seek out a custom license from the music label or artist who owns the song.


Will you be the one filming the wedding or do you hire out other cinematographers as well?

BYDESIGN FILMS has multiple teams of highly skilled and trained cinematographers under our roof that will be selected for the wedding.


After the wedding, how long until the film is ready?

We offer a 4 to 6 week turn around time for finished films to our clients.


Is there anything else you would like me to know?

With complete objectivity and humility, we can tell you there is no one like BYDESIGN FILMS. When we accept a project, we do so with all our heart, and all our skill. Within the landscape of pseudo genuine service providers within the wedding industry, we know there are many who are less than that. We can tell you honestly; you have come to the door of a company that truly is the best at what we do, and we love and will continue doing it for as many people as we possibly can.



“ByDesign Films has produced some of the best cinematic films I've ever seen. They carry themselves so well on the day of, their customer service is excellent and their work proves to be some of the best in Los Angles. I would pick them every time!"

“Josh was amazing to work with from pre/during/post wedding. Our wedding video captured all the special moments. Composition, Timing, Editing, and Color all beyond our expectations. Thank you Josh and team! Your work was truly impeccable. We couldn't ask for more :)"