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How would you describe what you do?

This is a bridesmaids store, offering vast selection of bridesmaids dresses and mother of the bride sample dresses. Cecile works with 7 different bridesmaids companies, also custom made mother of the bride dresses are done according to the needs of the customer. Cecile accepts customers by appointment only, seven days a week.

How long have you been in the business?

13 years

What is your philosophy?

They are tremendous help to the brides with busy schedules.

Do you offer packages?

Only discounts according to the quantity.

Are you able to counsel me on wedding ettiquette?

Yes, I stay calm and organized

How do you charge, what are your rates?

Usually below $200 each

Is there anything else?

I take orders on custom-made gowns.



• Charlene O.

• Los Angeles, CA

Cecile was so wonderful to work with! My wedding was on 09/26/15 -- I'm just getting to my reviews now because I'm such a procrastinator ... BUT ... brides and bridesmaids, come to Cecile's shop! She is situated in the heart of Glendale and even though her shop is small, she has every kind of dress you can think of. She gives not only the bride a royal treatment, she does for the bridesmaids as well. She is easy to work with, communicate with (email, phone, text, etc) and she LISTENS to you AND your bridesmaids! She tells you the truth in terms of how dresses fit someone's body and whether or not it is appropriate for the type of wedding you have in mind!

My girls tried on several dresses and she patiently helped all 3 of them in and out of numerous dresses until we found the perfect one! She informed us of the turn around time and arranged for their fittings to be done with her own recommended seamstress. She also arranged for another seamstress to alter my wedding dress to be perfect! Even though I didn't get my bridal gown through her, I was able to do my final fittings at her shop. I would consider coming here for a special occasion dress anytime!

Make sure to CALL and make an appointment first -- for very good reason .. Cecile gives you her undivided attention during your shopping process. Have fun! :)


• Aniss K. Glendale, CA

I remember coming to Cecile's several years back when I was a bridesmaid for my cousin's wedding. We had such an easy and enjoyable shopping experience, that I knew I wanted to stop by Cecile's when it was my turn to pick out bridesmaids dresses.

Although the store is small and unassuming, she has so many options. I was looking at a few brands online (Bari Jay & Dessy) and she had a pretty large variety of sample dresses and swatches. In addition to the variety, her pricing can't be beat, even if you order directly from the manufacturer. She easily saved me at least $25 per dress and when you have a large bridal party the savings add up fast.

Cecile is also easily available via email, phone, or text. My best friend and my sister in law also purchased their bridesmaids dresses from Cecile.

For reference, I ordered the Dessy 2882 (Taupe) for my bridesmaids and the Dessy 2894 (Taupe) for my maid of honor.


• Gem W.

• Glendale, CA

I have a custom made veil for that I ordered online from a random store for $170 that is too long and was too heavy for my head because of the designs. I need it as a cape and Cecile charged me $220 to turn it into a cape. I came to Cecile to fix it for my wedding happening in 1 month from now and I showed her a design where I wanted to convert it to a shoulder cape. I had a wonderful experience with Cecile and Anoosh to help work out a design that will work to turn it into a cape and she even let me keep the 2nd tier of my veil with the comb to use along with the cape they will make for me. It will be made with an added shoulder necklace my mom bought for me. Seeing their pictures of past weddings they helped on their walls, Im more than confident it will turn out great. Im excited to see the outcome.