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Brief Company Introduction:

Our company is focused on experience. Creating environments that collaborate with the dining experience is what we do. After over a decade and never having preprinted packages we found that’s what clients are attracted to the most with us. The time and attention we give to each and every event we do. We spend the time having fun, educating, and creating with our clients. It’s an overall magical experience of what we create here.

Catering Styles Available:

If you can dream it, we can do it. We try to create something outside of the standard types of service. Experiential rooms you can walk through, suspended foods, you name it. Please inspire us to create something that is not traditional.

Can your menus be customized to suit the client’s preference?

Yes, this question defines our company.

Is taste-testing available?

Yes. We have always offered tastings to our clients. All of our tastings are done in a private format. We do not charge for tastings, we never have and never will.

Do you possess a liquor license?


Bar options are available (cash bar, limited bar, open bar):

All of them are available.

Are complimentary decorative items provided for food tables?

Yes, we do offer décor and styling to our food stations. So much of what we create is about collaboration with event stylists and designers. It is not as simple as putting out a trinket or two to help display our food better. The food experience starts before and after people approach the food stations.

Cost per person range:

Everything we offer is custom created, therefore there are many elements involved in tailoring out services to fit each individual client. The price point can be affected by important details like the duration of the event, guest count and style of service (such as a buffet, sit-down dinner or uniquely created experiential stations).

Do you offer dinner stations?


Do you offer dessert buffets?


Is there anything else you would like me to know?

Come share a meal with us. We would love to have a conversation about food. Every time someone asks us what we do, the answer is usually “What do you want us to do?” And we will find a way to do it, and we will find a way to be as fair as possible with pricing and offer that to you.


James T.

With our company providing service to countless catering and event planning companies over the years, Contemporary Catering stands out as true masters of their craft. From large formal affairs to intimate gatherings, Contemporary Catering always create a unique and inspiring experience. Their menus are creative and the cuisine choices are outstanding! The whole staff is wonderfully attentive and I've seen nothing but happy and (more than) satisfied guests at every event.

Nathaniel and Jenny prepare the so very important behind-the-scenes details which make each event run smoothly. As an event unfolds, they guide the energy and tone of the experience to match the client's desire. In the more than 7 years our companies have been working together, it is comforting to know that every aspect of an event has been thought out with great care and precision.

Creative, caring and trusted by Hollywood's elite, Contemporary Catering is an absolute pleasure to work with and my #1 referral for anyone planning an event.

Cynthia A.

In an industry where there are MANY choices for catering vendors, what makes a catering company such as Contemporary Catering stand out is its unwavering customer service and attentiveness. From the owner to the production manager to the wait staff, everyone made us feel like we were their priority and our likes and dislikes were listened to, received and respected. We, without a doubt or reservation recommend this caterer to anyone looking for affordability without compromising on service and quality!

Tom V.

AMAZING! If you are looking for a caterer you can end your search now as you have found the best one. We are major foodies and the quality of Contemporary Catering's food is beyond compare. Top that off with the personal attention (way beyond the call of duty) you receive from Nace and you have a culinary experience that is tough, if not impossible to beat. Nace even arranged and came along to our meetings with Town and Country and supervised every painstaking detail for our event from A to Z with the greatest precision to assure we had the wedding of our dreams. Our wedding was filled with folks that attend high end events weekly and ALL of them raved about the food....course by course by delicious course. It wasn't a dinner, it was truly a fabulous feast! I couldn't recommend any caterer more highly. TOP SHELF!