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How would you describe what you do?

Simply put I bring your dreams to life! As cliché as it sounds, that really is what I do. I bring my unique outlook on weddings to each and every couple in hopes of taking their ideas and vision to a new level while producing an event that is as magical as they ever hoped. I approach each celebration by helping to design and execute only the highest quality of event possible. There is no detail that will be left unturned as I bring intimate and personalized details in that will blow your guests away. I create a flawless night of celebration, romance and magic from start to finish that will leave your guests never wanting to leave and I will do this all through a true understanding of you as individuals and a couple. I always tell my couples to leave the planning to me so that they are able to feel as if they are guests at their own party!

How long have you been in the business?

Being still considered young in the industry it might be hard to believe, but in one way or another I am lucky enough to say that planning has been my only job ever and that I have been planning, producing and executing events for over a decade.

What is your philosophy of a wedding planner and their role in helping brides and grooms plan their wedding?

I made the business decision to focus my business around weddings because I believe that they are one of life’s greatest moments and deserve a team dedicated to them alone. Your wedding will be a day where all the attention is on you, your soon to be spouse and creating a perfect memory of the love that unites the two of you. Your day is completely unique to the two of you and this moment in time and I offer my services as a guide through the incredible journey from ‘yes’ to ‘I do.’ I believe that a wedding planner needs to really know each of their couples, their personalities, likes, dislikes, hopes, dreams and crazy outlandish ideas in order to create what they will remember as the ‘best day ever’ of their lives. You have to be able to understand all of these elements and find a common ground where your design expertise can flourish and create a show stopping event hand crafted just for them! You have to ask questions, be a great listener, observe their mannerisms, and peel back the layers to truly understand each client as they are all unique. You have to be confident in your skill, vision and talent to think out of the box and suggest ways to bring an idea to life within their budget or to propose a new and crazy idea  that hasn’t been seen yet. You need to be confident and honest in the vision you create and recommendations you make.  At the end of the day, you are the one responsible for bringing every detail goes off without a hiccup to create a day so perfect, guests will leave talking about it for years to come. It is such a pleasure and joy being able to be such a pivotal role in a couples life while taking on the roles of tying together so many opposing elements to create a flawless cohesive day of love, laughter and joy.

Do you offer packages: If so, what are they?

We have two packages that we like to show clients when they inquire. I feel that it is important for a bride to be able to see an example of our working relationship with our clients. We than are able to custom tailor packages to the needs of our couples to best fit their needs, goals and vision of what their wedding planner will do for them. We believe that the more a client gets to know us, our background and our resources they tend to want us to be involved in every aspect of the planning and design process.

What is your most popular package and why?

I believe that we have very affordable rates due to the fact that we are a boutique design company and that every client of ours has the pleasure of working directly with me, Davia Lee. I do have a team of amazing assistants, builders, and specialty artists that help bring your vision to life. Together we do everything in our power to create a memorable event start to finish.With that being said, we have found that the majority of our clients end up taking advantage of all we have to offer as we are one of the first vendors they book. We than work with them for months to hand-craft a bespoken wedding just for them. We work hand in hand with your team to ensure that while your budget is respected, that your vision is not scarified. Most of our clients opt for full-scale planning - months, or a year before the actual wedding date. Full-scale wedding planning can include the coordination of vendors (photographers, makeup, catering, etc.), bespoke paper design (invitations, programs, menus, etc.) and event design (décor, floral, ceremony, etc.) Our rates are as unique as our couples: they vary based on the amount of planning, design and coordination that is needed. I don't jump into rate proposals until I’ve had a chance to meet and discuss a couple's needs vs. wants. With my years of industry experience and vendor connections, I do everything in my power to ensure that a budget is being respected without sacrificing the look or style of the event.

Are you able to counsel me on wedding etiquette?

As much as we love a wedding where the couple throws out the rules of wedding planning and truly makes it a unique celebration of the two of them, we are still believe that proper etiquette is one of the most important aspects to follow. We are extremely happy when a couple uses our vast knowledge of ‘dos’ and donts’ when it comes to proper wedding etiquette.

How do you charge? What are your rates?

I like to have a complete understanding of our couples, their needs, wants and budget before putting together a final proposal for them. I do have two packages that I have found to be our most popular at this time and send those over to any bride inquiring via email as most have no idea what they really need/want in a planner until doing a little bit of research. I than either fine-tune one of these packages to create something custom or they find that one of those packages is the perfect fit. Either way, I feel that when hiring a planner you need to hire someone you trust and can see yourself being friends with for years to come. For that reason, I don’t have any hidden fees, taxes, etc. The package prices are what you are going to be paying. I take this business practice into each wedding we do and each vendor relationship, I work extremely hard to find the best fit of vendors for each couple and to save them any unneeded expense without cutting corners.

Is there anything else you would like me to know?

I approach each and every wedding with complete excitement and enthusiasm because I know that this is going to be the ‘best day yet’ for the couple and that I am the one that will be lucky enough to introduce them to new ideas, elements and unique twists throughout the planning process. I am so honored to be able to bring each dream and vision to life that it soon feels as if I am working with a friend I have known my entire life. Being able to call wedding planning my job is such a blissful and unreal thing! I love planning, styling, designing and pushing the envelop that it truly is the highlight of what I do to get to share my unique outlook on weddings with each and every one of my couples.


Davia was our peace of mind, an ear to listen and a collaborator of all of our ideas. I knew when we started I knew one thing, the only way I would trust anyone besides myself to run the show is if Davia was running it. Davia has so much talent & pulled everything together more perfectly than I could ever imagine. My favorite part of the day was the reception being such a surprise & when I finally got to have a moment to see everything setup I couldn’t help but run to Davia and give her the biggest hug and cry happy tears. Everything was perfect beyond my imagination!Davia took my breath away with the arrangements and bouquets that she made. She made my flower dream come true! Davia’s florals made the wedding more beautiful than I could have ever imagined! My favorite part of the blooms besides my bouquet would have to be head table; every detail was beyond creative.I absolutely loved the balloons and tassels behind our head table, it was adorable and I have to say the head table overall was the biggest surprise. She was so creative in adding so many special touches. Another one of my favorite things about Davia is that after the wedding everyone kept telling me how wonderful and relaxed she was, they thought everything was so smooth because of her. Her timeline even gave Garrett and I plenty of time together to reflect on the wedding throughout the day. Davia made our day PERFECT, to say the least. ~ Wendy Twist

Planning a wedding is definitely not an easy thing to do, and in our case we only had a few months to do so. Hiring Davia was the best decision we could've made. From beginning, she guided us through each important decisions. She worked extremely well with our creative needs, but also logistically handled all the details that we often times overlooked to ensure that the day would be flawless. She was extremely patient during the times when we were unsure about what we wanted and helped us to be confident that we were making the right decisions; and when it came down to getting things done, she was always on top of everything. The best thing about Davia is that she always looked out for our best interest. She made sure that we had the best possible team for us. She always made sure that we were moving forward with our dreams and visions for our wedding and always started everything off with our best interest in hand up throughout the whole planning process. She was so professional and helpful that she even sat down with our vendors that needed final payments the day of the wedding and double checked them & made sure to be on site the morning following the wedding to ensure nothing was left behind and see us off! At the end of the day if you want to be given you peace of mind knowing that someone has your best interest at heart, Davia is the one for you. She is a great person, with a great heart and from the moment you meet her you will know what I am talking about. ~ Lisa Tome

My husband and I are lucky to have found and booked with Davia Lee Events. From my first phone conversation with Davia, I immediately felt comfortable and knew she understood my vision for our wedding day. Davia gave great advice, had plenty of beautiful suggestions for aspects of the wedding I was stuck on like escort cards, etc., and even got me quotes from various vendors when I had questions.Six weeks before the wedding Davia took over as the main contact for my vendors. What a relief! It was so nice knowing she had it taken care of and was in contact with our large vendor team. She planned our wedding timeline and we could not be happier with the way the day flowed. The day of the wedding, we never felt rushed or tight on time. We even got compliments from guests saying how smoothly the day was going! Davia and her assistant were so calm and handled the event with ease.I would recommend Davia to anyone! Her style and personality are a perfect combination for a wedding planner and I wouldn't have wanted to work with anyone else. ~ Courtney Hart