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Slate tuxedo from Friar Tux | California Wedding Day magazine

California Bride Wedding charcoal tux groom

California Bride Wedding classic black and white tux groom

California Bride Wedding charcoal tuxedo groom

California Bride Wedding tan wedding inspiration tux and gowns

California Bride Wedding classic black and white tux bowtie

California Bride Wedding black and white tux bowtie

California Bride Wedding outdoor inspiration attire

California Bride Wedding vintage gray tuxedo

What is the price range of your tuxes?

We offer a variety of price points for different packages from $60-$170.00 for rental suits and rental tuxedos. We also sell suits and tuxedos starting at $160. There are a variety of fabrics, colors, fit- both slim and regular, and designers.


Do you offer suits as well?

 Yes, we have many suit options, both for purchase suits and rental suits. We have several shades of tan, gray, black and navy.


Are alterations included?

 Sleeve and pant-length alterations are included with all rentals.


Are shoes included?

 Shoes are included. There are black, white and ivory tuxedo shoes as well as black or brown dress shoes for suits.


When is the ideal date that tuxedos/suits and accessories be rented?

 It’s great to choose your styles in advance, six months or earlier, so that your wedding party has plenty of time to be fitted. If anyone gains or loses weight, they can always be refitted at no charge. Styles and accessory colors can also be easily changed if needed.


When should appointments for fittings be scheduled?

 We recommend that just the bride and groom visit a store for their first appointment to choose styles and have the groom fitted. If they would like, they can arrange for a special service we offer called a “Groom’s Try On” where the groom can choose up to three styles and accessories to try on in his size at a second appointment.

 All members of the party can be fitted in any of our 31 locations whenever it is convenient for them.

 If last minute needs should arise, we are very flexible and can accommodate customer needs with our local warehouse which has thousands of suits and tuxedos.


Do you have any packages or specials?

 We give the groom a free rental when he has five or more paid rentals in his group. We also offer a free retail suit if the wedding party decides to purchase five or more suits.

 We also provide discounted pricing to ring bearers and grandfathers.


Is there anything else you would like me to know?

 Weddings are our core business and as a company we focus all our efforts on serving the wedding industry. All product we offer are aimed towards wedding trends, we are a member of many local wedding professional organizations and we are recognized as one of the largest formalwear specialists in the nation.

 In addition to our 31 Southern California stores, we are a member of a national group of formalwear specialists called Savvi Formalwear. This affiliation allows us to assist weddings that need fitting services across the US and Canada.