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Which entertainment options do you offer?

We specialize in providing very experienced DJs for all types of upscale events. We also offer full lighting packages, photo booth etc…


How many people do you send out on location?

It depends on the size of the event and amount of equipment setup required. Usually for weddings under 250 we send 1 DJ and setup assistant if needed. All our DJs are capable of being the MC but for events requiring a high level of interaction we also have MC’s, dancers etc…


Are they all employed through your company?



What type of attire is worn?

It varies depending on the event but always classy and stylish!


What are your costs for the services provided?

It varies depending on the date, location and amount of equipment needed. On average our package for events is in the $1200-$2500 range.


Do you provide a song list to choose from?

Yes we allow clients to have as much input into the music list as they wish and have resources available to help them create their dream music list. All our DJs are very skilled at reading a crowd and working with a request list to make sure we create the perfect vibe to please our clients and also engage all the guests.


Is it possible to see the different styles of interaction you offer?

Yes we have some videos available and always prefer to meet with clients prior to booking so they can get a feel for our style, personality and level of experience.


Do your fees include background music during dinner?

Yes and I’d like to stress that we spin live for dinner….no playing mixes or lazy DJing here! Dinner is a good time to work in music styles that will please the client and help personalize the feel of the night. It’s also when you should be slowly building your energy curve so you are laying the groundwork for dancing soon after. Many people underestimate the impact of a well thought out dinner playlist but we get it.


Will the performer act as “Master of Ceremonies”?

Yes but our style is less about being the center of attention and more about only speaking on the microphone when it’s necessary to help the flow of the event. Our slogan is “DJs that please without the Cheese” so our microphone style is strong enough to command attention of the room but without being cheesy or obnoxious. Having the discipline to pull back and let a room flow organically is as important as knowing when to grab a mic and take control….it’s all about finding a good balance.


Is there anything else you'd like us to know?

We are very passionate about music and about making sure every event is done right. (yes music is subjective but when it comes to weddings there is often a right and wrong way to approach spinning an event) Our level of room awareness is better than most and we often work as the second line of defense in terms of coordination to make sure the night flows smoothly and organically. There is a huge difference in terms of knowledge and experience from one DJ to another so we are always happy to meet with potential clients in person and give them a feel for what we can offer. We love our clients, coordinators, fellow vendors and feel very lucky to make a living doing what we enjoy!



"I can't say enough good things about Hey Mister DJ. Kent was our DJ at our wedding, and he did a phenomenal job. He was a great MC, and kept the dance floor full the entire evening. I gave him a long lists of songs, and he put them together seamlessly by reading the crowd. They are professional, and well priced. I would definitely recommend Hey Mister DJ for any event." - Julia K


"Jason was amazing. So glad we ended up with him as our DJ. He was super responsive, full of ideas, and very accommodating to our needs. Day of the wedding he was there early setting up (for 4 different set-ups!) and did so with a smile. He was very professional throughout the entire process. Jason helped us create the environment that we wanted for our wedding and we had one heck of a party! Hey Mr. DJ (the company he works for) was actually the most expensive of all the DJ's I interviewed, but I felt confident that everything would be taken care of.....and it was. Thanks a bunch Jason and whoever gets you should consider themselves lucky, because they got nothing to worry about!" - Brett F.


"DJ Lee made some really helpful suggestions after he saw our timeline. Our crowd of friends don't really dance much, but he kept a great mix of music that everyone chilled to. He was open to suggestions for music and was totally professional and not cheesy which was just what we wanted. He was also flexible with last minute changes. Great DJ, could not recommend enough!" - Ashley V.


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