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Hylah White Special Events Hylah White Special Events Hylah White Special Events Hylah White Special Events Hylah White Special Events

  Hylah White Special Events


   Hylah White Special Events   Hylah White Special Events    Hylah White Special Events    Hylah White Special Events

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Hylah White Special Events

How would you describe what you do?

Hylah White Special Events works to take the unique vision of each couple and uses years of expertise and a love of all things classic and romantic to coordinate the style and design into a one-of-a-kind event. We work to exceed expectations, make the planning process stress-free and ensure that your wedding is a flawless and stunning success.

How long have you been in the business?

Hylah White Special Events has been transforming visions into incredible events for over 7 seven years.
What is your philosophy of a wedding planner and their role in helping brides and grooms plan their wedding?

We Love LOVE! We work to help each couple envision a wedding day experience that is a true reflection of themselves. Through the planning process couples often have a difficult time making decisions because they want to please their guests. Our philosophy is to remind each couple that a wedding is a unique celebration of their love! At the end of the day Hylah White Special Events works to make sure that there are no regrets for any aspect of the the style, design, and flow of their wedding.

Do you offer packages? If so, what are they?

Each wedding is unique and should be treated as such! All of our packages are custom tailored to fit the distinct needs of each couple. Whether planning an intimate destination wedding or a large scale black-tie affair, HWS Events will create a custom package that is tailored to the couple’s vision of how their special day will be.

With that in mind, We do have 3 levels of service that we offer:

Full Wedding Planning: 12-16 Months

Partial Wedding Planning: 6-12 Months

Wedding Day Management: 3 Months

Are you able to counsel me on wedding etiquette?

Absolutely! At Hylah White Special Events we believe that wedding etiquette is essential throughout the entire planning process, not just on the wedding day. Because of our experience planning weddings and special events for a very diverse clientele, we pride ourselves in our knowledge of a variety of different cultural and religious customs.

What is your most popular package? Why?

After many years of creating dream weddings we have found that most of our couples choose to go with a Full Service Wedding Planning Package. 
How do you charge? What are your rates?

Our wedding packages are customized to fit the needs of our couples. As such, we are able to work with our couples to provide them with the wedding of their dreams while staying within your budget.
Is there anything else you would like me to know?

Hylah, of Hylah White Special Events, prides herself on building long lasting relationships with every couple with she works with. We realize that the best way to grow our good reputation is by doing everything within our power to make our couple happy. Because word of mouth is so very important in the event planning industry, we never forget that every satisfied couple provides us with one more avenue by which to grow our business. Our goal is not only to help you design and plan the wedding of your dreams, but to guide you through the amazing process in a way that allows you to enjoy every second of your journey!