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What is your style of photography?

Cinematic wedding photojournalism.


What is your philosophy towards weddings?

Make the best possible image out of every fleeting moment


What is your price range of services?

Please inquire on our website at


What does this include?

Photographers, edited photos, and beautiful wedding albums.


Do you have packages? If so, what do they include?

Yes, various customizable packages to fit every need.


Do you shoot with an assistant?



Will you be the one shooting the wedding or do you hire out other photographers as well?

John and Joseph are principal photographers.


Do you shoot film and/or digital?

We combine best of both worlds with film and digital wedding photography.


After the wedding, how long until the proofs are ready?

Clients have a few options on editing timeline.


What are your custom print prices? Are any prints included with the packages?

We retouch everything we print, so if the clients prefer to order from us, our pricing is $15 for 5x7, $20 for 8x10 as standard examples. All of our clients receive clean edited high resolution photos to print as they wish.


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