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What is your specialty?


Lady Chocolatt specializes in hand-crafted and imported Belgian chocolate.


Do you have a retail store?


Yes, you can visit us at 12008 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA


What sweet options and items do you offer?


We offer a large variety of chocolates and gift boxes. From the truffles, ganaches and caramels to mousses, liquors, floral essences and pralines (the most traditional Belgian chocolate)


Do you offer the ability to purchase items online?


We do. We can ship anywhere in U.S. from our website


What are suggestions to customize our sweet station?


We have great options to customize. Diferent sizes of boxes, wrapping paper, ribbon and flowers, just dark chocolates, milk or white. Boxes by weight or by piece, you say it!


How far in advance should an order be placed?


One month would be the perfect time to prepare fresh chocolate from Belgium and deliver it in our store in LA. Although we can also do it in shorter period if its a rush situation.


Do you charge for delivery?


Over 200 boxes we offer free delivery to all Los Angeles area. If this not the case, we charge a fair price depending on the location.


What is an average range for cost per person?


The average cost per person is $5.25 but we count with affordable packages and discounts.


Are we allowed to take leftovers home?


Of course! Once the chocolate is delivered, is yours until the end of time.


How far ahead of time can the favors be picked up?


We can scheduled a pick-up at your earliest convience. It can be picked up ahead of time as far as one week.


Do you offer any specialty items like monogramming?


We offer special items according to holidays: Christmas, Valentines, Easter, Halloween and Thanksgiving


Is there anything else you would like me to know?


Lady Chocolatt is a local-friendly shop stablished in 2003. We have over 10 years of experience and a base of loyal customers. We’ll be always available to help you.





“I was an occasional chocolate buyer and frequented the usual places (Leonidas, Godiva etc. etc.) but was left unimpressed until I found Lady Chocolatt.”


“I'm not gonna tell you what it is, but I will tell you that it is likely the most delicious thing you will have in your entire life.”


“they're oh-so-very cute and delicious -- the fillings are creamy, buttery morsels from heaven enrobed in rich and dreamy darks milks and whites.”in 15 reviews

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