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What distinguishes your venue?

The beauty of this place—aside from its country setting—is that you have carte blanche (within reason) to design whatever celebration you desire. No two parties are alike here, so if you want plenty of control over your event, come to the Malibou Lake Club and have the creative time of your life.


Where are receptions held?

In our Ballroom


What is the capacity of your reception location?

200 guest of ceremony and Reception


Do you have space for doing a ceremony? Where do ceremonies usually take place?

Most weddings take place at the far end of the lawn, overlooking the lake. Feel free to customize your ceremony too, by adding an arch, gazebo, tent or any other element you choose.


What are your dinner prices for a sit-down and buffet?

Truly Yours Catering is the catering company their Prices start at $55.00

plus tax and Service Charges


What is the rental cost?

Friday $ 2,800

Saturday $5,500

Sunday $3,700


Am I required to use your food, beverages, and serving attendants?

Truly Yours Catering handles all event Staffing only their Staff is approved


What is your cake cutting fee?

never a Cake cutting fee


What is your closing time?

11 pm


Is there adequate parking available?

We have parking lot for 100 cars


Do you have a PA system?

Sorry no but your DJ will have this


Do you have overnight accommodations?





Came here last year for a graduation party in the summer. The venue had easy parking and it was so beautiful! I couldn't believe this place existed in a little tucked in area of Malibu mountains. The inside and outside areas were immaculately maintained, the catered food was delicious, and the staff was very polite and professional!


I actually met the venue coordinator, Laura and do not understand the bad reviews. Laura is honest, up front, and super funny but at the same time professional! I do not believe that people need to be fake and overly accommodating in order to get your business. Laura is a real person with honest advice, who's been doing this for many many years. Know what you want, ask the right questions, get all the information, don't take things personally, and there will be less room for complications.


Loved this venue and maybe I can throw a party here sometime too!


Thanks Laura!


I seriously cannot get over how stunning Malibou Lake Mountain Club is! The venue is breathtaking - it's simple but it does just the perfect amount of whatever you might need for your event. When y husband and I came to see the venue, we loved that we had both indoor and outdoor options. We have always wanted a backyard wedding but we also wanted our reception to be indoors after the outside ceremony. We had a small guest list because it was crucial for us to have only our closest friends and family members so the size of the venue was perfect. I couldn't stress enough how much I loved that it wasn't in the heart of LA - it was a sweet getaway for the evening. All of our guests kept telling us how they enjoyed being away from the city for the night and the romantic feeling that MLMC had given them. It was a beautiful venue and I couldn't have asked for anything more.

I also cannot thank Laura enough! She was such an angel to us throughout the entire planning process. Laura was extremely helpful and made sure that everything was on time, on task and according to plan. I don't think we could have enjoyed our wedding as much as we did without her help and expertise. I absolutely recommend having your special events here.


I dont know where to start. First off, Im one nervous and anxious person. Laura was just overall amazing from the beginning to end. Laura answered all of my questions via email and in person, Laura's honest and great suggestions were indeed needed and appreciated, the venue itself was gorgeous and ample. Everyone loved the fact the venue was tucked away in the mountains of Agoura Hills and in front of the lake. I cannot express the awesomeness Laura provided and the beauty that was Malibou Lake Mountain Club.

If you are from Malibou Lake Mountain Club and you're reading this, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!




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