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An absolutely stunning ceremony that leads to a tree | California Wedding Day magazine | wedding planning by Natalie Sofer Weddings and Events

California Wedding Day magazine | Natalie Sofer Weddings and Events, LA wedding planner

Large purple and white floral table arrangements | California Wedding Day magazine | Your CA wedding planning resource | wedding planning by Natalie Sofer Weddings and Events, LA wedding planner

Vineyard reception seating | California Wedding Day magazine | Your CA Wedding Resource | wedding planning by Natalie Sofer Weddings and Events

red hanging lanterns brighten up a ceremony | California Wedding Day magazine | Your CA Wedding Resource | wedding planning by Natalie Sofer Weddings and Events

California Wedding Day magazine | Natalie Sofer Weddings and Events, LA wedding planner

California Wedding Day magazine | Natalie Sofer Weddings and Events, LA wedding planner


How would you describe what you do?

I make everything happen on the day of the event. I am there for the bride from booking the venue, until the last guest leaves the reception. I manage every detail of the event so you don't have to worry. I know every single vendor and make sure each one delivers on what they promised you; I work in partnership with them to give you your dream day. Lastly, I bring integrity, peace and creativity to every event.


How long have you been in the business?

Ten years.


What is your philosophy of a wedding planner and their role in helping brides and grooms plan their wedding?

I listen to my couples to discover what is most important to them. This is your day and yours only - I am committed to make it special, memorable fun and everything you desire. I am your advocate.


Do you offer packages: If so, what are they?

Yes. For the hands on bride who likes to do everything, there is the Month of Package. For the busy professional or anyone that just wants me to take care of the details, there is the Full Planning Package.


What is your most popular package and why?

People love the Full Planning Package, as I bring my expertise in matching up vendors for them that work with their theme and budget.


Are you able to counsel me on wedding etiquette?

Of course. It is my pleasure!


How do you charge? What are your rates?

Everything depends on the size and location. Please call to learn more about customized packages.


Is there anything else you would like me to know?

I am so passionate about weddings and giving my couples everything they want. I want your day to be the very best it can be.


I came into this as a tremendous skeptic and am delighted that we hired Natalie on for my daughter's wedding!

We worked with Natalie on a "month of" basis. Even though it was not at all a high-end wedding by LA standards and was not a huge wedding (ultimately about 75 guests), the logistical load was significant. Natalie was fabulous - caring, reassuring, detail-oriented, practical, and entirely oriented to our needs. We let her know our budget and she was able and willing to work with us on our own terms.

Because she is familiar with pricing for different services and has strong relationships with vendors who deliver quality for a reasonable price (within the context of the wedding world), she was a great resource in managing the budget and in helping us understand how to apportion money among the different expenditures. And because she communicated with vendors on our behalf, drawing on her existing relationships, I felt we got better value for our money than we would have without her assistance. Her vendor recommendations for a florist, bakery, and hair/make-up salon (my daughter and her fiancé had already chosen a venue, photographer and DJ) were spot on!

Even more importantly, she was able to take a great deal of stewing and obsessing off our shoulders so that we could enjoy the wedding and the time leading up to it. It was vastly reassuring to know that she was managing and interacting with the venue staff both in advance and during the wedding. There was a graciousness and warmth about the day itself that I simply don't think we could have pulled off by ourselves because there were so many details that had to come together and we have no experience doing events.

Thank you Natalie!

Jessica W.

Los Angeles, CA

I wish I could give out my number to everyone considering Natalie as their wedding planner - I could go on for hours about how absolutely amazing she is.  Instead I will try to give you an idea of what makes Natalie stand out and the perfect partner in planning your wedding.  

We hired Natalie as a full service planner - we had a venue but she got us through everything else navigated all our vendors and also set up our day after brunch.

I chose Natalie over 4 other planners I interviewed because she is a real lovely person.  She hasn't gone Hollywood and isn't full of herself.  She is a good kind and polite lady and someone I would choose as a friend - something I think is very important in choosing a person you will spend a significant amount of time with and who will be a part of your memories forever!

My husband works for the NFL so he was unavailable the entire wedding planning process until the last two months.  I am not the type of gal who had been planning their wedding since they were five - I just wanted to marry my husband and had a few vague ideas on how that would work.  Natalie stepped into so many hats as needed.  She was the voice of reason when I fell too far down a Pinterest hole.  She filtered down choices for me to two when it became overwhelming - should would say pick a or b.  She understood my "vision" (which btw is not a word I would have ever used prior to my wedding) and would pull me back when I was falling into crazy ideas thrown at me.  
She also helped "educate" my now husband on the realities of what things cost and helped champion for the things I really wanted (hey, those napkin treatments were a must and my guests loved them!).  
She had so many contacts for vendors which is so important when you are spending significant sums to pay people you don't know to perform functions on the biggest day of your life.  

Natalie was responsive by email, text, carrier pigeon whatever works.  She had a timeline and kept me on it - she would follow up with gentle prodding reminders and when necessary more forceful prodding reminders.  She made a very stressful time fun and manageable.  She also could help decide between white, ivory, or beige linens ... And laugh hysterically with you about how ridiculous that is when such a decision drives you to tears.  

Weddings are crazy and Natalie made ours fun, fabulous, and flawless.  Everything was perfect!  Well, actually, our cake collapsed and we didn't even know - she fixed it with some flowers and magic powers and we were none the wiser! Who knows what other problems she fixed without me ever having to know!!!

As an aside, we had concerns regarding our celebrity guests and Natalie navigated his like a pro. No paparazzi problems no vendors with their iPhones snapping photos, none of that.  

True class, five stars, just book Natalie and have your fairy tale!!

Denise R

Los Angeles, CA

Natalie Sofer is a true gem.  My fiancee and I had initially hired a very expensive 'celebrity wedding planner' to plan our wedding.  Don't be fooled, just because a planner is ultra expensive, does not mean you will get a competent, caring individual!  3 weeks prior to my wedding our 'big name' event planner had us far behind schedule.  
11 days before our wedding he brought us a proposals from his vendors for our decor that was the price of an exotic sports car!  I desperately searches to hire a new planner.
In comes Natalie.  She listened carefully to my situation and immediately got to work on putting me in touch with new caring, attentive vendors.  She picked up the slack where the other guy was failing.
In eleven days Natalie put together the wedding of my dreams at a price we felt comfortable with.  Natalie's vendors & contacts proved to be absolutely invaluable!  She introduced us to vendors that were talented and professional.  Natalie's vendors are significantly more caring than other vendors, just as skillful and one third the cost!
Natalie is not only a proficient professional, she truly cared about my event.  She is so meticulous, methodical and organized.
Natalie also has a very special, priceless quality. She is calm and collected along with her on point proficiency.  Whenever I had a concern or worry her unflustered demeanor was of nonjudgemental acknowledgment and then quick response.  She possesses a trait that just helped me feel tranquil during this (at some points for me) chaotic process.
She brought to my attention the details that makes your big day special to you. She tends to your wedding as Not just another event but a Very Special Event. Natalie will pay great attention to what is significant or meaningful to you and your fiancĂ©e.  And with that knowledge she will creat your wedding event that you, your family and friends will experience seamlessly with your unique fingerprint on the day.