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What distinguishes your venue?

The Best City Views for your ceremony is only one six building left 1920’s Art Deco Style And its full of History


Where are receptions held?

Outside under the Stars


What is the capacity of your reception location?

120 guest of ceremony and Reception


Do you have space for doing a ceremony? Where do ceremonies usually take place?

its a our outside with biggest city views


What are your dinner prices for a sit-down and buffet?

Truly Yours Catering is the catering company their Prices start at $55.00 plus tax and Service Charges


What is the rental cost?

Friday and Sunday $ 4,200

Saturday $6,200


Am I required to use your food, beverages, and serving attendants?

Truly Yours Catering handles all event Staffing only their Staff is approved


What is your cake cutting fee?

never a Cake cutting fee


What is your closing time?



Is there adequate parking available?

We have 5 parking lots within 500 feet of our Building


Do you have a PA system?

Yes we have a Full Sound System with a Mic


Do you have overnight accommodations?



Is there anything else you would like me to know?

CREATURE COMFORTS Guest Tables & Chairs (ceremony & reception) Bridal Room with Private Restroom and Bar Area Lounge Furniture, Perimeter Greenery with Tiny White Lights Indoor Speakers – Screen Outside for Playing DVD’s and Slide Shows Club Style Venue lighting



I got married at the Oviatt Penthouse almost 2 weeks ago (8/27/16) and I can honestly say that it was one of the most magical and wonderful nights of my life. The only change that I would have made is that I wish that I could have pressed pause on it all! :-)

Seriously though, this venue was just perfect. I was looking for a wedding venue that was a little different, retro and one that was mostly outside. The Oviatt Penthouse fit that! I had 97 guests so the space really accommodated that number well.

The staff was also extremely friend and kind to me. I was super nervous when the ceremony started and they all helped calm me down. Taylor was our main catering manager and she was amazing! We couldn't have asked for a better staff throughout the wedding.

Just look at the pictures of this place at night and you will know why we all choose this venue.


I knew I was going to get married at the Oviatt the moment I stepped in the door. I was equally sold when I told my grandmother after my visit and she perked up and said "oh, the Oviatt building, I worked there in the 50's as an elevator operator!" I'm sold, where do I sign? (love my grams!)

My April 3rd wedding was absolutely amazing. My husband and I wanted to do something different. We didn't want the standard beach/hotel/restaurant venue. The Oviatt had so much charm; like walking into your favorite museum full of history and class. We invited our guests to step into the 20's with us and they showed up in full effect! We got a casino vendor to add to the night and made sure that all the little touches were added to stay true to the period. Luckily we didn't need to do much in terms of decor because the Oviatt pretty much decorates itself.

Nicole, the venue manager was awesome and so easy to work with, full of suggestions and help things I had not even thought of in terms of timeline. She clearly has it down to a science. I decided to not go with a wedding planner since I project manage for a living. Best decision I made, but i must say the concierge was so necessary for the "day of" little things. Definitely consider the concierge if you are planning on your own. Taylor was great and prevented me from having to worry the entire night.

The food was fabulous! Every member of Truly Yours, from the service staff to the bartenders was so attentive to our guests and offered the absolute most delightful service I've ever experienced.Our guests had a blast and tell us regularly how much fun they had at such a unique space. Thank you Oviatt for making my dream wedding a reality!


This is a beautiful building! From the street looking in, you can see some of the pretty glass which was shipped from France. Right in front of you is a decorative fence. Although this building was built in the 20's, it is still very beautiful! James Oviatt had constructed this building in the Art Deco style. In 1983, it became a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument.


This building originally housed an elegant men's shop called Alexander & Oviatt. Now, the Cicada Restaurant (Italian), is where the shop was. The Penthouse Suite consisting of 10 rooms was for the owner, James Oviatt. It can now be rented out for private parties.


There is a documentary called "The Oviatt Building" produced in 2008. From reading the history, part of Pretty Woman was filmed in the Cicada Restaurant.


I happened to be passing by and noticed this cool and unique building. I can only imagine what it looked like back in the day! Probably equivalent to a Saks Fifth Avenue store!


If you happen to walk by, take a quick glance. Or, if you want to take the Art Deco Walking Tour (for a fee), you may be able to see the Penthouse on the tour.




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