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What distinguishes your venue?

What distinguishes Oyster Ridge is its remarkable natural ambiance and distinctive authenticity.

Oyster Ridge belongs to a legacy of hospitality that dates back to the mid 1800s on the historic Santa Margarita Ranch, yet it is also modern in its amenities and attitude.

Our venue offers ample indoor and outdoor spaces to accommodate a variety of group sizes and configurations, from the formal to the casual. Oyster Ridge can be a chameleon—the central setting easily adapts to a wide range of wedding styles, from high concept to rootsy.

The available settings for wedding photography are breathtaking and diverse—from open fields to oak woodlands, rolling vineyard rows to picturesque knolls, rural airplane runways to rustic barns.

The surrounding estate Margarita Vineyard is acclaimed for producing some of the Paso Robles region’s finest wines, while the majestic backdrop of the Santa Lucia Mountains and the miles of unspoiled views evoke a timeless portrait of pure coastal California. Oyster Ridge resides on an uplifted sea bed riddled with oyster fossils, creating a uniquely calcareous soil that is renowned in wine circles.

With Ancient Peaks wines—including the crown jewel Oyster Ridge red blend—guests can savor a taste of the very vines that they are overlooking. With our affiliated Margarita Adventures, wedding parties can also opt to enjoy an unforgettable zipline tour that has become renowned as one of California’s top agritourism experiences.


 Where are receptions held?

Receptions can be held in several locations depending on the size and needs of the group.


What is the capacity of your reception location?



Do you have space for doing a ceremony? Where do ceremonies usually take place?

We have multiple locations for ceremony sites on the property.


What is the rental cost?

Standard Weekend Pricing ranges from $8,500 to $12,000

Discounts may be available during certain times of the year or off peak days of the week


Am I required to use your food, beverages, and serving attendants?

We request that Ancient Peaks Wines are the only wines server during events.


What is your closing time?

10pm for the event and 11pm close of facility


Is there adequate parking available?



Do you have a PA system?



Do you have overnight accommodations?




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