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What is your style of videography?

We present our work as a cinematic story, using all the best footage and speeches from the entire day boiled down into one fun filled edit.-Two depending on what package you go with.


What is your philosophy towards weddings?

Every wedding is a unique story to be told, and a chance for us to create and inspire. We live for a great story and the opportunity to tell the next chapter in yours.


What is your price range of services?

Our price range varies form package to package. Our lowest package begins at 2,500 and goes up from there.


Do you have packages? What do your packages include?

Yes, we have four pre-made packages! Our highlight film, cinematic film, same day edit and our short feature. All of our packages include HD coverage of your wedding! You can also custom make your wedding package as well! Our packages include two videographers by default, a number of hours covered at your wedding, and a finished wedding film, packaged with DVD special features and his and hers matching usb's.


Do you shoot with an assistant?

At your wedding, you will have two shooters, by default.


How long are your films?

Each package has a different length. Our shortest being between 3-5 minutes and our longest being between 10-15 minutes.


Can we choose the music?

Unfortunately we have to choose the music. The music must be licensed or we can get sued. But if need be, we can compromise, by sending you a couple of songs we believe would fit the emotion of your wedding and the choice is yours from there.


Will you be the one filming the wedding or do you hire out other cinematographers as well?

the Siren & Co is a close knit team, so one of us will always be at your wedding.


After the wedding, how long until the film is ready?

8-12 weeks


Is there anything else you would like me to know?

We may be based in Los Angeles, but we love to travel!