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What is your style of photography?

Photojournalism: Finding inspiration in the moments throughout your day. Every wedding, I challenge myself to be original. Finding new angles, playing with the ever-changing light, capturing that spontaneous emotion, and working hard for that creative edge. Every wedding is like an empty canvas for me, filling it up with color as I go.


What is your philosophy towards weddings?

First of all I love the romance. After all, it is the best day on earth for these two and all they need to worry about is being in love and enjoying their day. I have a non-intrusive style while using candid photography to capture real-time emotions that pull at your heartstrings. Every wedding has a flow and I find flowing with it naturally is the best outcome from camera all the way to print. I am there for my couples every step of the way; both emotionally and artistically. Being easy to work with and having a blast with my clients is very important to me and sets a calming tone!


What is your price range of services?

Our average wedding is around $3000-$5000 but please inquire, you’ll find I’m flexible and that your investment is well worth the outcome.  Contact us now at


What does this include?

We always include a great second photographer, digital images, Flush-Mount Album in any cover or Coffee Table Book, with fine prints, cutting edge wall displays and an online personal wedding website of all your best images to share with your loves.  I’m extremely flexible to my client’s preferences as well. Engagement sessions are usually included with your package too.


Do you have packages? If so, what do they include?

Yes, definitely. Digital or film; we include a second photographer and we are available to travel worldwide. We offer large and small digital images, flush-mount albums, fine prints, metal prints, and much more. You automatically get your personalized online website and also a nice range of artistic film tones! Honestly, everyone is different and most of the time the packages are custom. Email me to day for yours!


Do you shoot with an assistant?

Yes! I always include a second photographer at your wedding. Adding a different perspective while shooting a wedding is key for the final product and two people can provide a provocative range of artistic imagery.


Will you be the one shooting the wedding or do you hire out other photographers as well?

While I have done both when the time was needed, I am the Lead photographer at all of my weddings.  I find that my bride and grooms hire me for my work alone so I want to give them my best with the intentions to over-deliver on the account of my brilliant assistant’s complimentary styles.


Do you shoot film and/or digital?

I love this question because I started in film and have a deep love for it so I’m inclined to do both. On the other hand, digital is always changing and it’s so exciting what we can do now with a digital image. I offer both digital and film packages but my favorite is mixing up the medias.


After the wedding, how long until the proofs are ready?

I take complete excitement in knowing my clients will love their images upon delivery. I’m extremely particular with my post editing process and provide high quality and precision to every frame.  It’s usually about 6 weeks during all busy seasons, but of course I’m always trying to get them delivered sooner and as quickly as possible! I always give my peeps exciting previews; my clients seem to love those!


What are your custom print prices? Are any prints included with the packages?

Prints are included with every package I offer. I provide a range of types and mediums for all of my clients. They have the option to choose what they like and what fits their style; from a professional 8x10 matte print to recycled paper or linen print; I offer it all. Metals and Canvases are fun to showcase as well!


Is there anything else you would like me to know?

I come from an artist’s perception. I paint, draw and used to design. I have a Bachelors Degree, with certain honors, in the study of Landscape Architecture. I traveled the world, which helped inspire me to emerge into my passion: The ART of picture taking. Now I can’t wait for my next photo session to the next anticipated adventure.



"Tana! Absolutely amazing photos!!! I just love them all so much!... :)) I am so
 Happy with all of the pictures! Xoxo" - Kelli and Jordan | Wedding at Gerry Ranch, Vineyard


"The MOST beautiful day I’ll ever have, (heart emoji) all captured by your amazing talent :)" - Clover and Scott | Wedding at Ojai private vineyard


"Tana is AMAZING! Our photos are so great, we love them. There are so many to choose from. Everyone kept telling us we had the coolest photographer they have every worked with. Tana and her assistant were so much fun to work with. We would definitely recommend Tana as a photography to everyone!!!" - Amanda and Rob | San Diego Garden Wedding


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