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“We searched high and low for the perfect venue for our destination wedding, and Terranea was everything we were looking for. The event and catering staff that I worked with were tirelessly attentive to my questions and emails, and were very accommodating to help us achieve our vision for the day. Terranea itself is breathtaking....the staff are remarkable - they really made me feel special as a bride. The valets even knew I was getting married there in a few days and remarked things like "almost your wedding day!" every time I saw them. The room block rates made it more affordable for my guests, who had a wonderful few days of spoiling themselves in paradise. My only complaint is that my perfect wedding day was over too soon.” - A. Bride


“Terranea is a spectacular wedding venue with breathtaking views surrounding you. Catalina Point is at the edge of the Pacific Ocean looking out at Catalina Island in the magical distance. I would highly recommend Terranea to anyone who is interested in having an intimate wedding in a spectacular venue.” - Lisa J., Bride


“After having a busy day and stressful year of planning our wedding, the Terranea resort served as our heaven on earth. We had a beautiful room with an ocean vew. We got a great deal for 3 nights. The employees were kind and atentive. We felt spoiled, because we are not used to that kind of treatment. We were able to relax and enjoy our company. We are planning to go back in the near future. WE LOVED IT!” - Dania, Bride


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