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“Eddie did the flowers for our wedding and I am literally so happy I went with him. I had a lot of ideas and a lot of conversations with Eddie about the directions of the flowers. He was so patient and he listened to every idea I had, and came up with spins on them that were beyond expectations. I realize now I could have just given him my budget and a general feel and he would have delivered flawlessly. His taste is impeccable and he has a true creative gift. The flowers he provided were PERFECT -- exactly the style we were going for -- just MORE beautiful than I imagined. Anything he touches is amazing. There is not an ounce of cheesiness to his work -- just perfection. THANK YOU EDDIE for making our special day more beautiful than we imagined." - Michelle S., Bride

“Wow! Tic Toc made the most beautiful arrangements for our wedding. I showed Annie some inspiration pictures and brought in about 25 pottery vases from our personal collection, next time I saw them they were filled to the brim with gorgeous arrangements. Not to mention my bouquet! If you have a vision for how you want your flowers to look, call Tic Toc. They can translate your dreams into reality, and the quality of their work is unmatched." - Rachel S., Bride

“Eddie is the best florist in the Industry!! I had my wedding flower's done by him and was VERY happy with the results. His vision and taste is excellent. The flower's and candle's we're amazing. He made our wedding unforgettable. I highly recommend him for your next event." - Bahareh R., Bride

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