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How would you describe what you do?

True Colors Events provides customized services offerings for the planning, design, coordination and production of your wedding, social or corporate event, fashion show or special occasion. We are here to help from the engagement all to way the wedding and everything in between. We are honored to be a part of one of the most happy and beautiful days of a couple's lives. True Colors Events only takes on a limited number of clients each year which allows us to provide each client with the level of customer service that meets our high standards. We may have more than one client but we always want each couple or client to feel like they're the only one.


How long have you been in the business?

Since 2006 in Seattle Washington and now in Los Angeles as of 2014.


What is your philosophy of a wedding planner and their role in helping brides and grooms plan their wedding?

We believe in taking our clients on a journey of planning their wedding, celebration or event. Our job is to guide, educate, and hold your hand as we plan, design and create an event that is often one of the most important of your life - we want to ensure that the planning process is as enjoyable as the event itself and do this through the level of customer service we offer. Every client is unique and therefore their event should be as well. Our goal is to create an experience that leaves our clients and their guests with memories that last a lifetime.


Do you offer packages: If so, what are they?

We do. We offer three levels of service as a starting point however each service offering is custom to each couple or client. Partial Planning, Design, Coordination & Production - Full Planning, Design, Coordination & Production - and Premier Planning, Design, Coordination & Production.


What is your most popular package and why?

The majority of our clients choose our Full or Premiere service offerings. These levels of service allow us to spend the most time with our clients during the planning process, thus allowing us to get to know them on a deeper level. The more we are connected with our clients the more we are able to bring in those amazing little details about the couple into their event. It's easy to create a beautiful event - what people remember is when they can say that the event felt so much like the couple and that they were part of something special. This is what takes a wedding or event from good to great and great to amazing.


Are you able to counsel me on wedding etiquette?

Absolutely. We consider wedding etiquette to be an important part of the educational process that we undertake with you in planning your celebration.


How do you charge? What are your rates?

All of True Colors Events service offerings are custom to each client or event. We have starting prices for each level of service and then create a custom quote for each client based on services required to plan, design, produce and coordinate their event.


Is there anything else you would like me to know?

Your relationship with your wedding planner is the most important relationship you will have in the journey of planning your wedding. You will spend anywhere from 3 months to 18 months with your planner. Thus as clients are interviewing us, we are also interviewing our clients. We firmly believe that you have to feel a connection with your planner and we too have to feel a connection with each client. We want to work with amazing people and will only work with a client if it's fit for both sides.



“Travis helped my husband and me plan the wedding of our dreams, and we cannot recommend him enough. Our venue, located in Malibu, made things particularly difficult as we had to bring everything in-- right down to the last spoon. Also, because it was a California State Park, there was a laundry list of rules. We planned a splendid wedding, with almost 10 different vendors, andTravis kept everyone in line, on budget, and I still receive compliments about how flawless our wedding flowed. Also, one of my final requests was a huge takeaway bag of food for my husband and I to share after we departed the wedding (we paid a lot for our delicious food, and I wanted to enjoy it!) As we were departing in our getaway car, Travis sprinted across the drive way because we had forgotten our to-go box! It was just a testament to how muchTravis truly cares for his couples, and wants their day to be perfect. Again, we cannot recommend him enough!” - Carlie & Bert, Malibu

“At first, we thought we had more than enough time to plan for our wedding. Three months into planning, we realized that a wedding along with managing all of life's other events was no easy task. We hired True Colors Events which was one of the best decisions we could have made. True Colors Events provided outstanding planning and consulting services on all aspects of our wedding. We needed help determining how to pull our ideas together, sorting through vendors, planning a budget, coordinating the various pieces and handling the details. Travisimmediately engaged us in the planning process, which gave us peace of mind and confidence that our best interests were a priority. Travis was responsive to our needs, flexible with our busy schedules and always gracious with some of our "back-and-forth" decision making. He is reliable, professional and used his expertise and experience to build trust and confidence with us. In the end, everything leading up to our wedding, and the wedding day itself was perfect. Travis handled everything so that our family and friends (and us) could enjoy the entire day without worrying or stressing over the details. Most importantly, this wouldn't have been possible without his genuine, honest and caring personality that helped us through this process. He provided honest feedback and a truthful perspective while balancing reality with our "ideal wedding day."” - Mariya and Brian, Seattle

“After the house was empty today, I stood upstairs in the bungalow where we all dressed Nicole, and cried my eyes out. The memories that you helped us create will last a lifetime. And your ability to create perfection was appreciated by all. Love you, Travis! Aside from the work you do, you are an amazing man!” - Caroline, Mother of the Bride, Seattle