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Annette Kirkhuff is truly gifted in her profession as a wedding coordinator. She thought of everything we needed, when we needed it and reminded me gently when I forgot, working tirelessly until whatever issue or organizational situation at hand was completed successfully. Annette was our savior from the planning stage in the beginning months before the wedding and she continued to be our rock daily as the date approached, confirming appointments, and tying up loose ends. She made sure everything was on schedule.

Personality has everything to do with a wedding coordinator and the one that Annette possesses is unsurpassed. She worked with everyone involved in the wedding with so much ease and enthusiasm. Always on display is her sense of professionalism reinforcing her knowledge, experience and expertise, which she shares happily with you.

Annette also has an excellent eye for beauty and style. She knows how to put all the elements of a wedding together, so it seems to flow along seamlessly. She knows how to get the WOW factor!

Our wedding was so beautiful, elegant and enjoyable, a true celebration. Annette gets all the well deserved credit.

Thank you Wheat & Honey Events!!!

~ Sheryll Smith, Mother of the Bride


I would like to take a moment to praise Annette Kirkhuff from Wheat & Honey Events for the amazing job she did recently with my daughter’s southern California vineyard-style wedding. Although Wheat & Honey is a new business for Annette, she has been in the industry for many years and her expertise really shines through with this new venture of hers. Annette worked with us in the months leading up to the wedding by helping coordinate all aspects of this special event to ensure that our vision for the day would be realized. Her calm demeanor, attention to detail, warm & approachable manner and high level of professionalism gave us complete confidence along the way that all would be well. When the wedding day finally arrived, she and her amazing staff took charge behind the scenes to ensure that everything moved flawlessly. Our event was everything we’d hoped it would be: warm, intimate, elegant, personal, beautiful and memorable. It was magical! Our guests are still writing us to say this was one of the most beautiful and memorable weddings they’ve ever attended, and we couldn’t agree more! I’d like to extend a huge thanks to Annette and her lovely assistants for helping make our daughter’s dreams for this day come true!

~ K. DeGennaro, Mother of the Bride