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Six Tips for Perfect Hair and Makeup

Megan McCarty Lara Burnap

You've got the dress and now you need to look absolutely your best when you strut down the aisle (and yes, you should strut just the teeniest bit). Finding the right person to do your hair and makeup is everything. When I got my first makeup trial from a longtime friend and makeup artist, I was horrified when I peered in the mirror--it was not that fresh-faced look I had imagined (think iridescent green eye shadow, I mean, really?!) . So yes, finding the right one is key. These days, I would look no further than Makeup Therapy. With more than 17 years experience as a professional makeup artist, owner Tara Dowburd and her hand-selected “Glam Squad” beautify more than 65 brides a year in addition to keeping celebrities like Fergie, Kaley Cuoco and Kristen Bell looking flawless. From fresh-faced to Hollywood glam, Makeup Therapy creates that chic, red-carpet ready look that every bride seeks on their wedding day.

We caught up Tara--who you’ll immediately want to count as one of your BFFs after a mere five minutes--to chat about what’s really important: dos and don’ts for your wedding day and what’s in now for the prettiest of bridal looks.

Six Tips For Getting a Perfect Bridal Look

1. Do bring pictures of makeup and hair looks to your trial that show what you think is pretty and exemplifies the look you want on your wedding day. We are visual people, so we LOVE pictures as it helps us be on the same page.

2. Do make sure that you like the personality of the makeup artist and/or hair stylist that you book, as you want someone with a positive, happy and calming energy to be taking care of you.

3. Do allow the makeup artist to set your makeup with a loose translucent powder. Not only will it set your makeup and help it last longer, when applied correctly, no one should see the powder on your face--it just gives a smoother more flawless finish.

4. Don't be afraid to speak up if you aren't happy during your trial (especially if you hate green eyeshadow!). It’s the perfect time to let the artist make changes, so you feel confident on your wedding day.

5. Don't wear a lot of bling in your hair if you have a lot of bling on your dress. Your look should look cohesive and not overdone.

6. Don't wear too much shimmer in your makeup or on your body. It can bring out imperfections on the face and skin and make you look sweaty or shiny in your pictures.

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