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Be My Valentine: 7 Etsy Cards For Your Sweetheart

Whether you're into the hype or not, Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to let those you love know how much they're appreciated, especially for you newly- and nearly-weds. While some go all out (vacations, elaborate surprises, maybe even a proposal!?), around my house it's all about the little things (sweet treats, love notes, a home-cooked meal), which is why finding the perfect card is at the top of my to-do list. Yes, I'm that person who's still standing in the greeting card aisle after you've grabbed the shampoo, picked up the produce and nabbed a new pair of shoes.

So this year, I've decided to do things a little differently by taking my indecisiveness digital. I rounded up some of my favorite cards from a handful of talented Etsy vendors, and while I've yet to make any final decisions, I thought I'd share some with you.  Bonus: See a style you like? Most of these stationery connoisseurs also design a plethora of wedding-related paper goods (thank you cards, wedding and shower invites etc.), so be sure to check out their adorable shops!

1. Georgie Pearl Designs


2. Allie Seidel


3. la Happy


4. Dahlia Press


5. Print Smitten Paper Co.


6. Julie Ann Art


7. Row House 14


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