Photo: Winter 2015-2016 issue; John & Joseph Photography

Photographers, wedding planners, wedding vendors and brides and grooms: Get your weddings published in and in California Wedding Day magazine! We are looking for fabulous, creative and beautiful weddings that took place in California. We want to feature couples who have inspiring, innovative ideas to personalize and localize their weddings.

We accept submissions on an ongoing basis for
, where we publish a real wedding at least once a week. 
To be considered for publication in the Winter 2017 print edition, you must submit a wedding by August 15, 2017. Weddings featured must have taken place in the state of California. We are looking for weddings that occurred between January 2017 and July 2017.  

We’re interested in beautiful weddings with new, creative and inspiring ideas for decor, reception sites, catering, invitations, entertainment, flowers, cakes, etc. We look for a variety of styles of celebrations, from classic or glamorous gala affairs to vintage and new rustic barn weddings and from urban rooftop celebrations to weddings on the beach. We're also inspired by cultural, ethnic and sexual diversity. With the countless amazing locations here, we only feature weddings that occurred in the state of California. We welcome submissions from anyone involved in the wedding: planners, event decor professionals, photographers, caterers, florists and the couples themselves. Please simply consult with the photographer and couple about the image selections and to get permission to submit the photos. 


Please share a selection of photos that provide an overview of the look and style of your wedding and that illustrate, in a documentary/storytelling style, all the important elements and details of the event. We are most interested in seeing the new, exciting and on-trend details that made the wedding special, rather than standard images of the couple, wedding party (of course we want to see the best of those, too!). Also, keep in mind we like to showcase elements of real local weddings in many different ways online and in print.
Please include photos with as many of the following events as possible:
  • bride and groom
  • wedding party
  • event decor
  • flowers
  • tabletop decor/settings
  • food, cake and dessert 
  • invitation suite (invitations, program, menu cards, place cards, etc)
  • favors
  • other interesting or innovative details
  • candids from ceremony and reception
  • wedding venue(s), exteriors and interiors

We accept submissions through our online submission process or
via Two Bright Lights.
  • Click here to create an account and find a registration form. Fill out the information and click "create new account"
  •  An email will be sent to you allowing you to log into our submission site and set up a password
  • You are now logged into the site. Whenever you are logged in, you'll see a small camera icon at the top right of the page. Click that icon at any time to go to your profile page, where you'll have the opportunity to submit photos and view any images you have previously submitted.
  • To log in again at any time, simply go back here.

  • You must include the following information about each couple: their first and last names, phone number AND email address, date they were married, location of reception site/ceremony and photographer.
  • Please also submit the name of the wedding planner (if applicable). If you don't know all the vendors involved, we can gather that information later if the wedding is selected for publication.
  • Do not send the same images that will run in your advertisement.
  • Inspiration shoots maybe submitted for online coverage. 
  • Do not send out-of-season images, old images or images that have already been published.
    Do not send all of the photography from the wedding. Edit to your best shots (about 20-30 per wedding).
  • Finally, it's important that you send us exclusive photos; we cannot feature weddings that will appear in another publication or wedding web site. By submitting this wedding, you are agreeing to refrain from submitting it to any other wedding magazine or web site until you have confirmation from us whether the wedding has been chosen for publication online or in print. At that point you are free to submit to other publications or web sites. Note: it is okay if the photos have been posted to your own web site or Facebook page.
  • If your wedding is selected for print publication, we will contact you and your photographer to request high-res versions of any images we have selected to run in the magazine.
By submitting these forms, we assume you have received proper releases from any individuals and locations features in the photos. We also assume you are only submitting photos your clients have approved for publication. Photos you submit may be featured in the print version of the magazine, on our web site or both and all vendors will be credited. We reserve the right to determine which images are published in print and online.
By submitting photography or artwork, Tiger Oak Media, Inc is guaranteed that:
a) The use of art in connection with the magazine title will not infringe or violate the rights of any other person or entity, including without limitation, any copyright, trademark or service markright, or violate any applicable law. b) The supplier of the art/photography hereby agrees he/she will obtained adequate and proper releases, permissions, licenses or other authorizations from all persons and entities who or which provide services, materials or rights with respect to the work at the time of submission of final artwork who would claim any interest or right, direct or indirect. Public figures or celebrities are exempt from signing a release.


For assistance or clarification, please contact Editor-in-Chief Lara Burnap at