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Theoni Collection

United States
Napa: 707.258.6309 Beverly Hills: 310.205.3333 San Fransisco: 415.447.0503
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Founded in March of 2015, Theoni Collection offers an artful selection of hand-sourced furniture, event decor and tabletop accessories that inspire creativity and elevate what’s possible.

Our collection is influenced by a love of timeless traditions, old-world European style, and an unrelenting belief in quality. We’re dedicated to providing artful customer service and highly-curated decor items that you can’t find elsewhere. From votives to lanterns and candelabra, and napkin rings to farm tables and dining chairs—we take pride in items that are unique, timeless and demonstrative of fine craftsmanship.

Designed for creatives and entertainers, Theoni is a collection built one piece at a time and intended to thoughtfully enhance each event’s most meaningful canvas—the tabletop.

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