Gown Guide: Your Wedding Dress Timeline

To ensure your dream dress is finished with time to spare, be sure to follow these expert suggestions.
Casablanca Fall 2015

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Stick to these seven tips and gown shopping will be a breeze:

1.  Enjoy your engagement! Before you even begin to figure out your budget cherish the moment with your fiancé. Whether you plan on getting married in 3 months or a year from now, this time will fly by. If you're not the gal who's been thinking about her wedding gown since, well, forever, you now have official permission to start dreaming about what you'd like to wear and how you'd like to feel as you walk down the aisle. 

2.  Set your budget before you begin looking (12-18 months before the wedding). Target stores that carry dresses within your budget and begin making appointments. Keep in mind to include the cost of alterations in your budget. 


3. Purchase undergarments, accessories and shoes (3-5 months before the wedding). You'll want to bring these items to your first fitting, giving you a good idea of your whole look from head to toe. The shoes and undergarments are especially important, as they can change how the dress fits and you'll want to make sure they're comfortable.

4. Start looking early (8-12 months before the wedding). Unless you're purchasing off the rack, expect at least a 12 week lead time for a standard gown with no customizations. If you're looking to make customizations, depending on the extent, gown delivery can take up to 16 weeks. Because Casablanca Bridal owns their factory, you may be able to get rush delivery (8-10 weeks) for a standard gown or (12-14 weeks) for a customized gown. Keep in mind, delivery of the gown to your local retailer can take up to 2 weeks.


5. Take time to think. What you wear on your wedding day is one of the biggest decisions of the planning process. Start the hunt for the perfect gown 1-2 weeks before you actually purchase your dress. You'll get a thorough understanding of what’s available to you and it will give you time to decide exactly what you want.

6. Leave time for alterations (3 months before the wedding). Make your first alteration appointment as soon as you order your dress and you know your estimated delivery date. These appointments usually book up fast and can take a while to complete, depending on what's needed. It is not uncommon to have up to 3 fittings to get the dress just right. Be sure to ask whether your shop offers in-house alterations or has a list of preferred tailors. At Casablanca Bridal, we offer customizations which minimizes the chance that you will need alterations, because the gown is tailored and built specifically for you.


7. Pick up the dress (1 week-1 day before the wedding). Be sure to give it a once over before leaving the store. Make sure the veil is wrapped separately to avoid any snags. Keep it stored in a garment bag in a safe, dry place somewhere where the groom won't be tempted to take a peek. 

The award-winning, bridal apparel company, Casablanca Bridal, was established in 1997 and has been growing quickly ever since. Each dress is handmade in Casablanca Bridal’s own state of the art factory and is the only company with the ability to provide customization, ensuring that each dress is unique to every bride’s personal style and fit.