Crafty Wedding Colors: Go Bold with Neon Hues

Jesi Haack Goes Neon
From: Spring/Summer 2012 edition

It is the elements of her clients’ lives that drive owner Jesi Haack of the Orange County–based event-planning firm Jesi Haack Design ( “I like to find out what the couple is all about, how they met, what they do together,” explains Haack. “I also love looking at art installations and getting crazy ideas of huge installs that I make my husband, Ryan, figure out how to build.”

As a result, the DIY-spirited Haack, known for her kicky décor, sees possibility in everything from cardboard boxes, which she has used to create a honeycomb backdrop, to paper plates and cups for a holiday garland. “A little snip, snip here and spray paint there can transform something that would never be considered pretty,” Haack points out. And often, couples on a budget spur such artistic endeavors.

The key to making it work is the right team. “If I have a super funky concept, like neon, I know the perfect people to bring on board that can pull off the flowers, paper goods, desserts, etc.,” explains Haack. In this case, Haack tackled neon by turning to Los Angeles stationer Pitbulls and Posies (, which carried the brightly hued concept through to the invitations and menu. Meanwhile, Long Beach florist Honey and Poppies ( attached vibrant pink and yellow tape around cardboard tubes and filled them with bright floral arrangements. It’s a perfect table for a spirited couple looking to liven up their rehearsal dinner, reception or bridal shower. “That is the most fun thing about my job. I get to do crazy and funky concepts with the challenge of keeping it pretty, romantic, feminine and classy.” After all, it is still a wedding!