Fabricated Bliss

A layered, handmade backdrop adds romance and texture to a storybook wedding.
From: Fall/Winter 2013 edition

When schoolteacher Sarah Hoffman began planning her May 2013 wedding to Michael Chang, she knew she wanted a vintage feel with subtle storybook details. Hoffman began brainstorming design ideas with Orange County–based Natalie Good of A Good Affair Wedding and Event Production, and the two dreamed up a fabric-draped backdrop for the ceremony.

“We wanted to create something romantic with a lot of texture,” explains Good. “I came up with the idea of building a hidden structure that we could then attach all the draping. We purchased yards and yards of fabrics, ranging from linen to shantung, and started creating a layered effect. The result was truly stunning and so unique.”

To add that literary feel she desired, Hoffman sourced used-book stores and created handmade paper fans and flowers that decorated the fabric backdrop. The result was a gorgeous ceremony setting that was lush and elegant with a touch of whimsy.