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Alexis Russell Jewelry: Simple Sophistication

Megan McCarty Molly Farragher

Alexis Russell's fall 2013 collection of jewelry is truly the stuff dreams are made of for women seeking to add a simple touch of sophistication to their wardrobe. "Heavily influenced by simple, geometric forms and architectural landscapes," Russell's latest collection features pieces that make a statement without overwhelming one's look. With mixed metals that combine to create jewelry that is "modern and industrial" while also being "delicate and feminine," the jewelry is truly versatile in that it can add everything from a Parisian touch to a dash of Mediterranean edge to any outfit. Russell's jewelry speaks for itself in that each design is so unique and organic that it makes a statement without being overbearing. Made exclusively of recycled metals and earthy gems, the collection retails between $48-$465 and can be found on Alex Russell's website

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