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Gifts of Love: Philanthropic and Meaningful Wedding Favors

Megan McCarty Molly Farragher

The perfect wedding
favor for either a couple or a guest should be comprised of equal parts
meaning and creativity. Adding philanthropy into the mix? Twice as nice. With
the help of The Rescue Train, a non-profit, no-kill organization, you
can present loved ones with gifts that are both meaningful and whose
proceeds will go towards a good cause. The Rescue Train saves thousands of shelter
animals within the Los Angeles area from being euthanized by providing them
with medical care and placing them in loving homes.

The organization’s
website features a wedding boutique that specializes in wedding
favors, such as high-quality card stock. The cards feature pictures of adorable
dogs and cats as well as a customized message. The Gift of
Love wedding favors are available in black-and-white or full color and feature
a folded tent or flat card design. At only $3 or $5 each, The Rescue Train’s
Gifts of Love are an irresistible and inexpensive way to say ‘Thank you’ or ‘Congratulations’
to your loved ones while also making a difference. 

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