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The Newest Trend in Wedding Invites: Musical Invitations

Megan McCarty Molly Farragher

A new trend within the realm of invitations has slowly been making its way into the wedding world and with the help of Kim Kardashian, it has finally been set ablaze: musical invitations. Kim Kardashian recently used musical invitations for her baby shower, sending guests an invitation that featured a lullaby version of partner Kanye West's "Hey Mama" and a twirling ballerina. 

Music Box Invites stands at the center of this trend as the only custom, musical invitation company. Brides are able to work with the Music Box team to create completely customized invitations that feature the couple's choice of music and art work. Couples are free to choose from pre-recorded clips of music featuring songs such as Here Comes the Bride and Wedding March or from their own personal collection of music. Music Box also offers access to artists that will come up with completely unique designs for the invites. Basic invitation sets are $20 (customers must purchase a minimum of 25 sets) plus a $250 design fee. Upgrades ranging from ribbons to 3D art are available for an additional fee. Music Box strives to accommodate their customers and are willing to work with all budgets by offering services in which they curb costs by using different papers, less layers, and less embellishments.

Remember the song that was playing when you first locked eyes with your fiancé? The music that provided the backdrop for the perfect first kiss? The tune that you're planning on playing for your first dance? Songs that have a special place in your heart could provide the perfect touch to your wedding invitations. 

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