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Statement Piece Jewelry by Elva Fields

Megan McCarty Molly Farragher

Summer is finally upon us. The sun is shining, the grass is
greener than ever, and it is the perfect time to break out the summer outfits
that we've been waiting to wear throughout the cold fall and winter seasons.
Looking for a way to take these summer outfits to the next level? Elva Fields jewelry
may help you achieve this. With a gorgeous spring/summer collection of
statement-piece jewelry, Elva Field's accessories will help elevate spring and
summer looks to new heights of chicness. Many of the pieces of jewelry within
the collection feature gorgeous, inimitable beadwork and are adorned with
stunning broaches. Elva Fields truly stands at the center of the
"statement piece" trend that has taken the fashion world by storm.
Fashionistas everywhere have realized that by simply adding a bold, statement
piece of jewelry to any outfit or bridal party, you can transform your look from drab to fab.
By simply adding pieces such as "Beneath Drifting Clouds" and "Memories of Happy Moments" to a simple, white summer
dress or a nude bridesmaids dress, you
are able to transform a basic outfit into a runway-ready look that will enable you to face the
spring and summer seasons head on. 

Top Center: "Park Perimeter" $258; Top Left: "Citrus Celebration" $318; Top Right: "Memories of Happy Moments" $218; Bottom Left: Earring, $38; Bottom Right: Earring, $58

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