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Brideside's New Size-Inclusive Line Offers Budget-Friendly Styles

These flexible fits will compliment any stylish bridal party
Kristin Snyder

With their new size inclusive bridesmaid brand featuring outfits under $110, Brideside is expanding their styles to create a comfortable line to perfectly suit any bridal partyPoppy reimagines the brand’s top dress styles with stretch lining and a chiffon overlay – creating a flexible fit that does away with alterations. Sizes now range from 0-28, so bridesmaids of many sizes can enjoy the celebration in stylish comfort. To accommodate how the pandemic has changed the shopping process, Brideside co-founder Nicole Staple said “During COVID, we transformed our customer service experience into a virtual concierge,” which is why Poppy is available exclusively online. The new line also introduces midi dresses as a slightly more casual option to compliment any COVID-safe backyard wedding.

Brideside wanted to offer the same quality within a more budget-friendly choices for the size-inclusive line. Co-founder Sonali Lamba said “We developed the poppy collection after listening closely to a new segment of customers who were born from the pandemic, who are price-conscious. While weddings remain as one of the most meaningful life moments, we found that offering a price point under $110 allows us to capture a completely new customer without sacrificing the Brideside experience.” With dresses coming in 16 different styles and 13 colorsPoppy offers chic styles that will gorgeously tie together an elegant wedding party 

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