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How Much is Too Much to Ask Your Bridesmaids to Spend on a Dress?

Q. I found beautiful bridesmaids dresses, but I’m worried they are too expensive. What’s a reasonable amount to ask my bridesmaids to spend?

“Between $80 and $120 is a typical amount to ask bridesmaids to spend for a moderately priced dress,” explains Felicia Gaines, a special engagement dress expert at Saks Fifth Avenue. But beware—price doesn’t include hemming or tailoring.

Some brides do shoot for the higher range, notes Gaines, choosing bridesmaid dresses at a $200 to $400 price point. If you’re thinking about selecting a more expensive gown, make sure the dress is in a neutral shade that works with any skin color and is something the bridesmaids can wear again. Bottom line: You know your friends better than anyone else; if the dress is expensive, keep in mind that you can always consider splitting the cost with your ladies.

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