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A Venue with a View

How to take advantage of the most beautiful of locations on your big day.
Sara Hubbard

Choosing a venue is one of the most important decisions to be made when bringing a wedding together. The location of your celebration largely determines the overall atmosphere and feel that you and your guests will remember for years to come. A venue, particularly when defined by having a show-stopping view, can act as the ultimate piece of décor and serve as the inspiration for the rest of your wedding’s design.

There is an art to perfectly highlighting a picturesque locale, and we’ve consulted with the experts on not only the best venues but tricks to make them look straight out of your dreams.


A wedding along the coast brings a refreshingly cool touch to your ceremony and reception. A breeze coming off the lake and the rich blue backdrop make for an inimitable atmosphere. Luckily, California is replete with coastal options for weddings, with ample beach options and seaside hotels and event spaces. If nautical nuptials are a must, chat with your wedding planner to figure out the best place to have the ocean as your audience as you say "I do."


When couples think of vistas for their wedding, they usually conjure up images of beaches and waterfalls, but the city itself can also serve as a stunning backdrop. The skyscrapers of downtown Los Angeles can be just as majestic as sunset nuptials along the coast. “For more intimate gatherings (small weddings, showers, rehearsal dinners) the open-air upstairs balconies at Redbird offer stunning views of the downtown Los Angeles cityscape and Vibiana. These spaces are also great for pre-wedding getting ready and photos,” says Amy Knoll Fraser, owner and operator of Redbird | Vibiana.


Work with your photographer to figure out the best way to make your venue shine in your photos. Make sure the lighting is just right and let nature do the rest. “It’s so important for me to always weave in the venue, space and nature to my images. This creates a true sense of the location and really immortalizes the day for my couples,” says photographer Chris J. Evans.


If you're planning your wedding around a gorgeous view, make sure to hire a professional who has a drone at their disposal. The best way to capture a stunning location is from above, which only drone photography/videography can allow for. Drone footage also creates a uniquely cinematic tone for your video that you will cherish for years to come. 


When touring your venue, make note of which spots are your favorite so you can report back to your photographer and craft a plan for the perfect wedding shoot. Get a few shots in which the view is the star of the show so you can always remember a piece of what made your day so special. This saves yourself time, too, since there's no need to trek to another location with a beautiful vista when it's right there at your celebration. 

California Wedding Day Planning Checklist!

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