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Celebrating In Safety: Tips When Planning Your 2021 Wedding

Sadly, COVID hasn't magically disappeared yet. As we prepare to host gatherings, these are the covid modifications every couple (and company) should consider implementing.
Julianna Gaytan

While living through these crazy times, there are still moments of joy that should be celebrated - and your wedding day should be one of them. With the pandemic still in everyone's mind, it can be easy to feel scared or worried about how your big day might be affected. Fear not, as experts from the wedding industry have shared their tips on how to make the proper modifications to celebrate in style and still follow proper guidelines and safety protocols. Read below to check out some great advice you can implement into your gathering!

Communication Is Key
Deborah James, CEO & Visionary of Bella Vita Events, notes "Communication is KEY… Many are using digital platforms since it’s seamless, prompt, and doesn’t rely on the US postal system. Consider a website, constant contact, monkey mail, etc. to get the word out and communicate the details!"  James also notes that couples should take into account the experience of their guests, some of which might be traveling a distance to attend. She recommends providing guests with personalized masks, sanitizers, or water bottles with a personalized thank you for making the trip. In the end, "If you made your guests feel welcomed, safe and comfortable, they will happily share in your joy to celebrate your big day!" 


Fresh Faced and Fabulous
Of course, brides want to look their best on their big day, and having flawless makeup is a given! Makeup artist Tami Bernard has a go-to product she recommends for keeping your makeup fresh and long-lasting, even under a mask. Bernard says,  "
Masks are here to stay for a while. I would love to see all artists, brides and bridal parties use this new product by Skindinavia, The Maskne Control Spray directly on a clean face and also inside your mask." Skindinavia’s patented cooling technology helps keep makeup from degrading and your skin from overheating under your mask. This is Bernard's must-have product to keep makeup vibrant and in place as well as to control oily skin, acne-causing bacteria, and inflammation.

Make a List- and Check it Twice!
If there is one thing couples absolutely need to do while planning, is be prepared for sudden changes. Make a list of tiered list of invites so you are prepared as restrictions lift or get tighter. Have a primary list and a secondary list for if you can invite more people. Be prepared for anything, as some guests may not feel comfortable attending gatherings. If this occurs, you can move down your list. While this might feel like an extra step, it is crucial during these times as restrictions can change at the drop of a hat. At the end of the day, it will be worth it so you do not have too much stress during the final days leading up to your wedding!

Sharing Is Not Caring
Of course, serving your guests a delicious meal is a central part of your reception, and with the rise of health concerns the catering world has done what it does best: get creative! Having plated meals is a go-to.  If you are insistent on having a buffet, ask your caterer to serve it to avoid sharing buffet utensils. When using self-serve stations in the near future, make sure to provided food handler gloves and hand sanitizer at your meal stations. 

Comfortably Distanced
Couples should use up any space that they have. Expand your dining areas, reception, and ceremony space, or create a private event in your own backyard with fully customizable tents and structures. Be sure to check out these options if you are looking to rent these items to make your space COVID-friendly, and communicate with your venue to see how they can accommodate you.

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