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‘Tis The Season: 5 Inexpensive Gift Ideas Your Fiancé(e) Will Love

Adrienne Laursen, LMFT, Licensed Marriage Therapist and nationally recognized relationship expert, shares 5 Inexpensive or Free Gift Ideas Your Partner Will Truly Enjoy.  Adrienne is the owner of THE ENGAGEMENT COACH, and provides exclusive, customized premarital counseling to her clients nationwide.

Too often, when we’re in a committed relationship, we forgo gifts for each other in lieu of something practical (i.e. a new washer and dryer set, something for the dog, saving money for a down payment on a home, or more gifts for the kids). While these are smart and responsible decisions, it puts your relationship and priority for one another on the backburner. You likely invest a lot of time and energy into making others feel special during the holiday season, so be sure to put your partner at the top of the list. The good news is that thoughtfulness and showing love does not have to cost a lot of money, and can even be free with just a little bit of effort!

Idea #1 (Free):  Write a Letter That Compliments Your Partner & Your Relationship

Take the time to write a romantic letter to your partner, listing all of the qualities you appreciate about him/her. Include special memories you’ve made together over the past year(s), and what you enjoyed about those times together. Remind your partner why you fell in love with him/her, and what you’re looking forward to experiencing together in the future. Have your letter printed on beautiful paper, or have it framed so it can be cherished for years to come.

Idea #2 (Free):  Promise To Do Something That Matters

Give your partner the gift of time by promising to do something that will lighten their load. If your partner is always doing the dishes, promise to take that chore over for one whole month. If your partner does all of the cooking, offer to make dinner on the weekends so he/she can get a break. If you’ve been avoiding helping with wedding planning duties, offer to take something over and then make sure to get it done.

This may not be the sexiest gift in the world, but it is helpful and shows you care. And, you’ll get a new perspective on how much work your partner really does in your relationship.  Just make sure you follow through if you promise to take on a new task!

Idea #3 (Inexpensive):  Create a Gift Basket of Your Partner’s Favorite Things

A personalized gift basket is always a great idea, and it doesn’t have to be expensive, I promise!

Ideas for Him:  Fill his basket with his favorite craft beer, a gift card to a brewery, his favorite candy, coupons for a massage or sex, etc.

Ideas for Her:  Fill her basket with her favorite nail polish, a gift card to her favorite coffee shop, snuggly socks, a yummy candle, coupons for a massage or planning a romantic date, a bottle of champagne, etc.

Pay attention to what your partner enjoys, and then take the time to pick it up, and put it together.  Why pay a fortune for these baskets online when you can DIY!

Idea #4 (Inexpensive):  Plan a Romantic “At Home” Date

I say it all the time…“Dating does not have to be expensive!” Especially around the holidays, couples don’t want to spend money on going out for dinner or drinks when there are so many other financial commitments. I love the idea of making a candlelight dinner for your partner, then ending the evening with a massage. It doesn’t get more romantic than this, and, it’s free! The only thing it will cost you is a little bit of time and effort.

Idea #5 (Inexpensive):  Frame a Meaningful Picture 

Whether it’s just the two of you, or a favorite family shot, take the time to look through your photos and select one that melts your heart. Have it framed and include a special message to your partner. My husband gifted me a wood frame for our 5th wedding anniversary (wood is the traditional anniversary gift for 5 years). He had the frame engraved with the inscription on our wedding bands…SO romantic!

Hopefully these inexpensive and free gift ideas will inspire you to get working on something special for your, someone special!

Happy Holidays and happy-relationship-thoughtfulness-planning!

Adrienne offers both in-person and online premarital and relationship counseling, and is passionate about helping couples create a beautiful, successful marriage.  Please visit her website at for more information and to contact her directly.

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