Fall/Winter 2022

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In our Fall/Winter 2022 issue, you'll find:

  • Get inspired by creative ideas for cocktails and bars 
  • From the runway to the aisle, the latest trends in bridal fashion
  • Bold ideas for incorporating the season's latest color palettes
  • Micro, grand and everything in between, check out Southern California's most stylish real weddings
  • Plus, find out who won the much-anticipated California Wedding Day Best of 2022 awards!
On Our Covers

Amanda James “Astrid” pantsuit with Julie Harris Designs “Be My Love” veil and Anna Sheffield “Marquise Bea” halo ring.
Photographed by Ryan Plett at The Cliff’s Hotel and Spa in Pismo Beach
Styled by Catlin Myers
Art Direction by Keely Brittles
Photography by Ryan Plett