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Studio EMP Inc

1112-B W Commonwealth Ave
Fullerton, CA
United States

Our goal at Studio EMP is to make still images that record the most important times in your life, allowing you to relive the emotions and feelings that you felt during those experiences, time and time again. Smiling, laughing, loving each other like no other. It is these images that allow us to remember....not just that split second, but that time in our lives, those feelings, that love. The Studio is comprised of the main photographer and founder, Joe Eckman Maus, his amazing wife, Jeni, their second Staff Photography, Stefanie, and a few editors and second shooters. Joel is the photographer, photoshopper, and jokester, Jeni tends to the books, the to-do list, the lobby, marketing, and makes sure Joel is on task (thank God for wives). Stefanie is the incredible do-it-aller that, like Joel, is very creative, but is a bit more organized. Studio EMP customizes our products and offerings to meet our clients' needs. During our initial consultation, we discuss wedding plans, locations, timelines, guest count, budget, etc. in order to make sure we meet all your needs without blowing the budget.

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