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DIY Wedding Projects from Darby Smart

Wedding planning is all in the details, and what better way to personalize your special day than with DIY details. Let’s face it, crafting doesn’t come easily to all and can be hard for some who want that special DIY touch. But now, it doesn’t have to be difficult.

Darby Smart has just released their ‘I Do’ section of projects, which is making it simpler than ever for brides and craft enthusiasts alike. Offering 4 different bridal themes – Rustic Luxe, Modern Whimsy, Classic Romance, and Seaside Chic – Darby smart discovers the most desired DIY projects and offers them to you in an easy to follow package. Each theme offers 5 different projects, ranging from cute rustic wood burned coasters to customizable guest goodies.

How does it work? Brides can choose from many different craft projects, which each include quality-tested supplies and step-by-step directions. Wedding kits are designed to accommodate weddings of up to 200 guests. And the best part, everything is delivered right to your front door, simple and stress-free!

Enjoy your DIY projects and share the results with #darbyweddings.


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