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Perfectly Wrapped: Chic Welcome Bags

Wedding welcome bags just got a little more chic, thanks to Los Angeles–based Salt & Pepper Co. Developed by former wedding planner Mary Noon, this specialty gift company curates collections that are not only beautiful but useful. Noon prides herself on thinking about every tiny detail, from the color palette to the typography and overall packaging. “I always look at a design and figure out what I can take away, versus what I can add,” notes Noon. “I think there is such beauty in simplicity.” Choose from canvas totes or wooden boxes (which include the option of a wood-burned logo or monogram) filled with essentials such as gourmet snacks, beverages, custom-made wedding itineraries, and even Salt & Pepper’s custom recovery kits. And while the items may seem typical, Noon’s gifts pack Instagram-worthy flair.

That being said, Noon stands behind every product she selects, choosing only items that serve a purpose—not just ones that are pretty. “I always try to tell a story and make it an experience from start to finish,” says Noon. Salt & Pepper will work directly with couples to create customized gifts or choose from the company’s predesigned gift boxes. For customers looking for a handful of boxes (perhaps for bridal parties or groomsmen), Noon recommends the build-a-box option, available on the website. Los Angeles; 310.270.7266;

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