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A Glamorous‭ Celebration at Hotel Casa del Mar in Santa Monica

Jackie and Ray's radiant wedding day in Southern California.
Teya Heidenreich

Jackie Chu and Ray Wu wed in a classically glamorous‭, ‬dreamy celebration at Hotel Casa del Mar‭. ‬The day provided a fun environment to enjoy the company of friends and family as well as to dance the night away‭. ‬Jackie and Ray met through Ray’s former roommate in 2013‭. ‬They connected over fitness‭: ‬Ray had a health fitness startup‭, ‬and Jackie made YouTube videos about health and fitness‭. ‬The festivities kicked off with a first look between the couple‭, ‬when Ray said‭, ‬“No one can love me better than she does‭.‬”‭ ‬Guests were all smiles during the ceremony‭, ‬officiated by Ray’s brother Tim‭. ‬The ceremony space was draped in lush‭, ‬cascading flowers‭, ‬and included a grand statement chandelier by planner Dee Lee Designs‭. ‬The décor reflected the wedding’s colors of white‭, ‬ivory‭, ‬blush and gold‭. ‬Ray wore Nike sneakers instead of dress shoes‭, ‬while Jackie evoked pure glamour in Valentino heels and jewelry from Van Cleef‭ & ‬Arpels and Roberto Coin‭.‬

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