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An Unforgettable Entrance: Reception Lighting

Kristin Avila and Anthony Navarro wanted to make the grandest of entrances at their reception at the Hotel Maya in Long Beach. So their wedding planner Carmen Fuentes of Expressionary Events enlisted the full-service music, lighting and emcee company Luxury DJs to bring the wow factor through projection mapping: a cool lighting technique that creates a canvas out of any surface—from the walls of a ballroom to a bride’s dress.

For Kristin and Anthony’s big moment, owner Richard Martinez and his team (who work with companies such as Apple) splashed bright, brilliant patterns on the bride’s dress synced to a custom mash-up. The elegant light show continued as Kristin and Anthony shared their first dance, and the party went on well into the night as a club vibe was created by syncing patterns projected on the ballroom walls to the beat of the music.

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