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Pretty in Pink

Vivian and Anthony had the ultimate in glamour with the most stunning florals
Sara Hubbard

Vivian Mehrabian and Anthony Grigorian celebrated their love with a festive, traditional Armenian wedding at the Taglyan Complex in Los Angeles. The couple first met while in middle school and have remained best friends ever since. Their special day began at 11 a.m. with an Armenian ceremony that lasted three hours, after which they headed into their reception. Vivian and Anthony wanted to combine their two styles and ended up with a sleek black and pink design that featured candles galore. The day was full of Armenian traditions, beginning with Anthony meeting Vivian at her parents’ home for their first look. Traditionally, the groom’s family brings three sinis, or gift baskets, to the bride—one with her shoes and bag, one with chocolate and cognac, and the last featuring lingerie hidden in a floral arrangement. Eddie Zaratsian was responsible for the jaw-dropping arrangements at the ceremony as well as the overall design, bringing Vivian and Anthony’s wildest dreams to life. Pink baby’s breath overwhelmed the space, covering the fronts of the dining tables and floating along the dance floor. “When we saw the restaurant, we were literally in shock because we had never seen a wedding done like this, and it felt so unique and special,” says Vivian. As the dance floor filled, guests tossed money in the air above the newlyweds, an Armenian tradition called shabash, meant to bring wealth, happiness and good fortune to a marriage that is sure to last a lifetime.

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