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Alexander & Mimi: Rain or Shine Malibu Wedding

We fell in love with the stunning green décor and scenery at this gorgeous private estate wedding held in Malibu. Architect, Mimi Lam, and Plastic Surgeon, Alexander Rivkin married each other in front of their closet friends and family in an intimate ceremony followed by a beautifully decorated dinner and fun-filled reception.

The ceremony took place in estate’s backyard in front of the picturesque Malibu hills. However, just 5 minutes before the ceremony was to take place, it started to rain. The guests were able to take advantage of the complimentary parasols and bar. Luckily, the skies cleared and the ceremony resumed, and their private drone was able to fly (yes, a drone). A lovely reception dinner and party followed, complete with bubble guns, sparklers, and miniature donut cake!

The bride and groom also included a few friendly tips for their attending guests:

"Remember, weddings can be hard work. Stay hydrated and stay limber on the dance floor.

You will be intoxicated (we will personally make sure of that). Plan a ride. Stay off the cliff. Tell a friend if you decide to leave the compound.

You are coming to a magical place with mountains and the ocean. Translation: It's far away! So please visit "The Big Day" tab for detailed guidance. Before you leave the house.

Don't fear! We'll have hangover trauma kits and a bouncer waiting at the gate. He will either call you a cab or guide you all the way back down to PCH."

California Wedding Day Planning Checklist!

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