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Jennie & Joe: Bistro Chic Wedding at Sunstone Villa and Winery

Megan McCarty Lara Burnap

Jennie and Joe wanted their wedding to have a bistro-like setting so that guests would feel as if they were at a cool summer party enjoying a glass of wine with friends—who just got married. Davia Lee Weddings & Events designed cozy lounge areas that enveloped the long dining tables. Tons of candlelight at various heights and subtle succulent arrangements created the sought-after bistro environment. To get the guests up and mingling, the couple ditched the traditional sit-down dinner in favor of small bites—such as mini fried chicken in a bag, popcorn with sea salt, and chipotle and orange flank steak were served throughout the night.

Green foliage and white flowers with a touch of blush added warmth to the
neutral color palette, which was sprinkled with metallic details. Casual elegance was created by mixing and matching textures throughout the
wedding. Rustic flower boxes lining the aisle were designed to look like the foliage had been picked from the surrounding
Santa Ynez hills and vineyards. To honor the couple’s Filipino background, the ceremony included an exchange of coins to symbolize
fidelity and prosperity, binding the bride’s and groom’s hands with a cord as a nod to their lifelong bond, and draping the bride’s veil around both their shoulders to symbolize being “clothed as one.”


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