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An Eye-Themed Wedding Celebration

Grace and Leo Kim met as coresidents at the Doheny Eye Institute of USC and quickly fell in love. As their ophthalmology profession brought the couple together, it was only fitting that their careers became their inspiration point. Grace approached Uyen Nguyen of Los Angeles-based Sassy Girl Weddings & Events, with the idea of incorporating the Ishihara color blindness test into their wedding décor. Armed with their orange and peacock blue color palette, Uyen set to work designing a monogram of the couple’s initials set inside the Ishihara chart, and with the help of Papercake Designs, created a color plate. Quickly, the eye became the theme as Grace and Uyen placed the Ishihara monogram on the invitations, maps, RSVP cards, address labels, programs and even the couple’s cake. Cleverly, Uyen and Papercake also incorporated an eye chart into both the save-the-date cards and subtly acknowledged the concept in the escort and name cards by showcasing an oversized letter “E” to represent the top letter on the eye chart. In the end, the wedding was a 20/20 vision of love.

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